PyroFishingPro [1.14.X -1.21.X] [#1 Fishing Plugin!] [NEW Tournament Rework]

MC Plugin PyroFishingPro [1.14.X -1.21.X] [#1 Fishing Plugin!] [NEW Tournament Rework] 4.9.8
Is fishing boring? Do you want loads of custom and unique features? This is the plugin for you!




Important Notice: As of v4.6.0, the plugin now requires PyroLib to be installed. You can download this here.



Custom Fish
Create your own custom fish, set the biome, day/night, weather cycle, specific Y Levels. region support and catch commands! Make your dream fish come true!

Custom Model Data Support ⊙
Want to give your fish a snazzy and cool look using resource packs? You can do that too!

Mini-Quests. Get your players to catch custom fish from different regions or areas using the fish you created and hand them in for rewards!

Want to give something competetive to your players? Have them take part in one of four tournament types available to win prizes that you want! Keys, Money or whatever you can think of!

Sell Shop
Add economy to your server with the /fish shop. Have players sell fish for money to give more ways to earn money!

Custom enchantments for Fishing Rods! Make them using a Cauldron and watch your fishing power grow. Summon tornadoes, tsunamis, or get more fish or more entropy from gutting fish!

These critters will help stop AFK-Fishing. These will also drop useful items to craft augments with!

Anti-AFK Support
AFK-Fishing with the plugin is highly discouraged, you can disable this feature if you want! Crabs and the internal check will stop these players from acheiving this!

Loads of Configuration Options
Make fishing unique to your server! Customise loads of different options to suit it for you! Don't see an option you want to change? Let me know on discord!

Custom Levelling and Entropy
The plugin has its own 'Fishing Level' and 'Entropy' which is a custom currency used to upgrade Deliveries and craft Augments!

Feeling lucky? Gamble your fish for a chance to earn or lose money - change the chances to profit and how much to profit!

Gut your fish for bonus Entropy to craft and upgrade Augments!

Create a Totem and have unique effects, passives and special things happen!

NEW Bait System
Create custom baits and purchase them through the new in-game shop to make your fish rare and unique!

Lots of Customisation
There is too much to list here but from creating your own fish, baits, to setting up rewards for eating or selling fish, to custom tournament rewards to niche settings. It has it! Is a setting there you're missing? Get in touch and I'll add it if it's reasonable.











Commands & Permissions:

✯ /fish (Brings up the basic help menu).
✯ /fish menu (Brings up the main Fishing menu).
✯ /fish reload (Reloads the plugin and configuration file).
✯ /fish codex (Brings up the codex).
✯ /fish shop (Opens up the shop).
✯ /fish scales (Opens the Scales GUI.)
✯ /fish bag (Opens the Fish Bag GUI)
✯ /fish gut (Opens the Gutting GUI)
✯ /fish deliveries (Opens the Deliveries GUI)
✯ /fish augment (Opens the Augment GUI)
✯ /fish augments (View all the Fishing Augments in game)
✯ /fish entropy (View your entropy balance)
✯ /fish boosters (View your active boosters)
✯ /fish bait (Open the bait shop)
✯ /fish give <player> <fishName> <amount> (Gives specific fish)
✯ /fish addentropy <player> <amount> (Give entropy to a player)
✯ /fish addxp <player> <amount> (Give a player fishing xp)
✯ /ft (Base command for tournaments.)
✯ /ft start <tournamentType> [time] (Starts the tournament type. Requires "fish.tournaments.)
✯ /ft stop (Stops the current tournament. Requires "fish.tournaments.)
✯ /ft info (Shows information on the current tournament.)
✯ /ft types (Shows the types of tournaments available.)
✯ /ft time (Shows time till next tournament.)
✯ /ft remove <player> (Removes the player from the tournament. Requires "fish.tournaments.)

fish.totems.break.others (allows breaking of other players totems)
fish.blockcodex (will prevent users from being the 'first caught' user)

Permissions not visible above are inside the config.yml.


Spoiler: Placeholders


You will not distribute this plugin on any other website and or any platform for your own personal gain and or use without explicit permission from me. (PyroTempus)
Refunds are not given in any circumstances. If you are going to purchase the plugin, make sure you want to.
You will not post any bugs in the review section. If you have a bug and or something that requires fixing contact me directly on here or either on discord by using Pyro~#3801.
You are given access to the plugin as soon as the purchase is made.
This purchase is for one server or network and cannot be used on multiple servers.
You are not allowed to decompile this or any of my plugins without explicit permission directly from me.
You are not allowed to share this resource with anyone.
You are not allowed to use this unless you have purchased the resource.
I have the right to change these terms at any time with 2 weeks notice given on the discussion thread, or without notice.

Please note if your server version is 1.13.X you must download 3.10.11 as V4 doesn't support 1.13 anymore.​
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