MC Plugin PvPManager 3.31.6
Stop Combat Log, Toggle PvP, No Kill Abuse, Newbie protection, NPCs, Auto Respawn, Good performance!

PvPManager is made to be the all in one PvP plugin. Meaning that instead of using multiple plugins that customize the PvP experience in your server you would just use one.

One of its main features is to stop combat log and it was designed to be as efficient as possible which is ideal for large servers. All the features can be enabled/disabled according to your liking and the entire plugin can be disabled in specific worlds.

It's also not bloated, no need for a ton of addons/expansions each with their own config or overcomplicated menus.
Everything is ready out of the box in a single jar, can be customized in one config with very detailed descriptions and fully supports being reloaded.

  • Tag System! (Stop combat log and more)
    • When you enter PvP your nametag will change color/prefix
    • Also has an option to get tagged by any damage (PvE)
    • Define how long will the players be tagged!
    • The message will display the person you tagged/tagged you.
    • You can check time left with /pvptag
    • Can block enderpearl usage while tagged
    • Can block placing blocks while tagged
    • Possible to whitelist/blacklist commands and subcommands while tagged
  • Disable Fly/GameMode/Disguises/Invisibility/GodMode on combat!
    • Completely configurable
    • Disables Godmode from Essentials or CommandBook
  • Toggle PvP per player easily!
    • Protects you from any kind of PvP including splash potions
    • Blocks lava/fire placing near you!
    • Protects from endercrystal/bed/respawn anchor explosions!
    • Optionally switch your nametag color according to PvP status!
    • Execute custom commands on PvP Toggle and specify a cooldown!
  • Prevent Combat Log with various punishments!
    • Drop inventory, armor or exp separately
    • Apply a money penalty or kill the player!
    • Broadcasts and logs to a file when someone pvp logs!
  • Spawn a NPC on Combat Log! (Supports 1.8.8+)
    • Option to make the NPC spawn on ALL logouts
    • Option to make the npc not get targeted by mobs
    • Option to not spawn NPC inside WorldGuard regions.
    • The NPC will appear using the same equipment as the player!
    • The NPC will have the player's skin!
    • If the NPC dies so does the player when he logs back in!
    • If the NPC drops items the player will also lose them!
    • You can control if the NPC will drop only armor, inventory or exp!
    • Copies many other things from the player such as food level
    • Despawns after specified time, I recommend to use the option to block player login while it's spawned
  • Automatic Respawn![ (Supports 1.8.8+)
    • Just as the name suggests, no need to click the respawn button!
    • Actually lets the player die before respawn, not a fake respawn
    • In Minecraft 1.15+ this just enables gamerules automatically for you
  • Control player's drops on death!
    • ALWAYS mode - PvPManager does nothing with the drops
    • DROP mode - Players only drop items when killed in PvP
    • KEEP mode - Players only drop items when killed in PvE
    • TRANSFER mode - Same as DROP but items are transferred to the killer!
  • Newbie Protection!
    • New players are PvP protected(Or PvE if enabled in config).
    • Can block them from picking up items while protected!
    • Define for how long they will be protected
  • Anti Border Hopping!
    • Players can be attacked inside safezones while tagged by other tagged players!
    • Pushback player when he tries to enter a WorldGuard region while tagged
    • First option supports all zones including WorldGuard, Factions(UUID) and GriefPrevention, pushback only supports WorldGuard for now
  • Anti Kill Abuse!
    • Killing the same player several times over a period of time will trigger custom commands.
    • Those commands are up to you. Kick, ban, warn etc
    • Teleport protection to stop players creating tp traps
    • Command cooldown after dying in PvP to stop player abuse
  • Respawn Protection
    • Stop spawn killing by adding some seconds of protection on respawn
  • Custom Commands on Kill
    • Execute a custom command on each kill
    • You could give the killer a speed boost or some special item!
  • Money Rewards/Penalties!
    • Reward money to the killer
    • Take money from the killed player
    • Supports percentages so the player could lose 5% of his money as an example!
Supported Plugins
  • Essentials
  • CommandBook
    • Disabling godmode during combat
  • WorldGuard
    • Pushback on regions and auto enable PvP on regions with PvP allow
    • Support for both WorldGuard 6 and 7
  • Vault
    • Apply fines and give money rewards
  • PlaceholderAPI
  • Lands
    • Pushback when entering safezone lands
    • No PvP protection while in a war
  • TAB
    • Change player prefix and name while tagged
  • Factions
  • Factions3
  • SaberFactions
  • FactionsUUID
  • mcMMO
  • SimpleClans
  • UltimateClans
    • Prevent attacks between friendly players while tagged
  • LibsDisguises
    • Disabling player disguises during combat
  • BountyHunters
    • No PvP protection while having a bounty
/pvp [on/off] -
Toggle PvP
/pvp [player] [on/off] - Toggle PvP for other player
/pvpgrant <player> <minutes> - Grant PvP protection for x minutes
/pvpungrant <player> - Remove granted protection
/pvplist - Shows all players and their PvP state
/pvpinfo [player] - Shows info about you or other player
/pvpstatus [player] - Check yours or other player's PvP status
/pvpo - Enables override and allows player to attack everywhere
/pvpm - Shows PvPManager help page
/pvpm reload - Reloads PvPManager
/pvpm cleanup <days> - Cleanup inactive users from database
/newbie [disable] - Check time left as newbie or disable protection
/pvptag [player] - Shows time left until out of combat or tags player
/untag [player] - Untags a player
/announce - Broadcast a message to everyone with color code support!
/soup - Refill all your empty bowls
/pvpglobal <on|off> - Toggle PvP for the whole server

By default, players won't have access to any command like /pvp, so there is no need to setup permissions unless you want to allow them to use commands or exempt them from certain features.

There are some special permissions like being immune from getting tagged and not getting your fly, gamemode, etc disabled.
You can see all the permissions here: Permissions

Nametag limitations
Some plugins such as NametagEdit or other plugins that use packets to change nametags might interfere with PvPManager. At worst, this would just stop the player nametag prefix and glow color to display while in combat, every other feature like tagging still works correctly.
Excluding those above, PvPManager is 100% compatible with any plugin that uses the proper API methods to change nametag prefixes and colors.
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