Public Crafting Tables

MC Plugin Public Crafting Tables 4.13.10
Make crafting public with an awesome display!



Ever wanted to showcase custom crafting recipes or have awesome looking tables? Public Crafters modifies the vanilla crafting mechanic to show exactly what's on the table, and keep it there, even after the player closes it. This also means that anyone can go in and steal items while another player is crafting something. Truly public, just like how it should be! Public Crafters is fully compatible with custom crafting recipes and custom resource packs.

  • 1.8-1.18 support
  • No item duplication possible
  • Public tables
  • Supports custom recipes
  • Supports custom resource packs
  • Display custom recipes in spawn
  • Lockable tables
  • Customizable config
  • Lightweight and lag free
  • Highly optimized
  • Pistons are supported
  • Powerful developer API


Still not convinced? Look at these marvelous recipes!




  • Spooncraft Survival:


  • /craftingtable <reload|toggle|lock>
    • /craftingtable lock - Locks the table as an admin table, requires publiccrafters.admin
    • /craftingtable reload - Reload the config, requires publiccrafters.reload
    • /craftingtable toggle - Toggle private crafting, requires publiccrafters.private


  • publiccrafters.reload - Lets you reload the config
  • publiccrafters.private - Lets you use private workbenches
  • publiccrafters.admin - Lets you lock tables
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