ProQuests [1.7 - 1.19] - Give players objectives!

VIP MC Plugin ProQuests [1.7 - 1.19] - Give players objectives! 2.10.9-CS-API
Providing a new way to reward players by completing quests, completely customizable by you!





ProQuests is a new way to reward players and to give them an objective to increase retention while enhancing the experience for all players. Whether it be for a prison, factions, skyblock, or any other server type there are quests that suit the need of almost any server. These quests will have players wanting more and the best part is, its completely customizable by you!

************* REQUIRES JAVA 8+ AND SQLITE OR MYSQL *************
Compiled and tested for Spigot 1.7.10 and above, support for earlier versions will not be provided.


You may be asking yourself what specific features this plugin has that makes it worth it, and the answer is plenty!
  • In-game quest, menu & npc creator
  • Completely customizable quest system
  • Team system (9 types)
  • Leaderboard system (4 types)
  • Automated leader reward system
  • (106) Unique quest types
  • (26) Requirement types
  • SQLite and MySQL support
  • Player point system
  • Point system multipliers
  • Stage based quests
  • Customizable menu system
  • Faction shared quests
  • Unlimited quest menus
  • Updating menu system
  • Quest menu NPC's
  • MythicMobs Support
  • Statistic requirements
  • Cross server compatible
  • Quest cooldown delays
  • Action based rewards
  • JavaScript action integration
  • Name specific item requirements
  • Developer quest API
  • Developer event API
  • Vault integration
  • Tab-Complete commands
  • WorldGuard region integration
  • Per world support
  • Message customization
  • And much more!

With all of these features the sky is the limit for the quests you can create. Your players will love the objective oriented challenges to complete tasks in exchange for unique rewards!​
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