[Premium] Warps, Portals and more! | Warp & Teleport System | 1.8 - 1.20

MC Plugin [Premium] Warps, Portals and more! | Warp & Teleport System | 1.8 - 1.20 5.1.9
The best and easiest way to deal with warps!


Create your own warp GUI! Decide which size and structure you warps should be sorted in. This panel is 100% customizable. Take a look into the preview and you will see what you are able to change. Don't overlook the menu. You are also able to change the background or the icon behind the menu icon!


Command: /warps [category, player] [player]
 Use: WarpSystem.Use.WarpGUI
 Modify: WarpSystem.Modify.WarpGUI
 Let other players open the GUI: WarpSystem.WarpGUI.Other

Portals are the best way to design your spawns, temples and dungeons! Just check the preview and try it on your own!


Command: /portals <create, edit, delete>

Alias: /portals <create, edit, delete>


 Use: WarpSystem.Use.Portals

 Modify: WarpSystem.Modify.Portals[/ICODE]

PlayerWarps are the modern homes which can be accessed over your entire BungeeCord. As you can see below they can be activated with money for a certain amount of time (if economy enabled) and can be used for homes, shops or whatever you want to! Invite your friends by adding them as trusted members to grant private access and free teleportations.


  Command: /playerwarps <create, delete, edit, list>

  Alias can be configured in Config.yml
  Command: /playerwarp <warp>
 Alias can be configured in Config.yml

  Use: WarpSystem.Use.PlayerWarps
  Modify: WarpSystem.Modify.PlayerWarps (Admin tool to edit foreign warps)
  Maximum warp amount: WarpSystem.PlayerWarps.99 (default is 0)
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[Premium] Warps, Portals and more! | Warp & Teleport System | 1.8 - 1.20 is the ultimate Minecraft plugin to take your next project to new heights. Increase the quality of your Minecraft server gameplay by downloading it for free!

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