[Pixelexit] Bolt White (Light)

Premium XF2 Styles [Pixelexit] Bolt White (Light) 2.2.12
Build a stunningly unique community today!

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Powered by the XenBase framework

Bolt is backed by an extremely powerful style framework called XenBase. It is the framework that powers all of our styles. We are constantly evolving and improving the framework to make it the best possible experience for you. It includes hundreds of options for you to customize and really make your style your own.

Pixel Exit support
We've been working on XenForo since the day it launched. Our commitment to you and your forum is second to none. You can rest easy knowing if an issue or question arises we'll be there.

Third-party support​

Don't worry... we won't bounce you around to developers if there's a clash with our styles and an add-on. We'll do anything in our power to get the problem fixed or provide any reasonable solution for the developer.

Check out just some of the awesome features​

Multiple page layouts​

Our styles come with multiple page layouts to drastically change the look. Default, Classic, Boxed, try them all!

Page assets​

We've included assets that help you build custom pages even faster. Check out our documentation on it to learn more

Variety of options​

From navigation layouts, alternative search locations, multiple message layouts, and more our styles have you covered

Design mode​

Our styles have a built-in design mode that allows you to browse the front-end and see what options are available

User specific features​

Let your users toggle the width of the forum, disable the sidebar or hide certain forum categories

Multiple node layouts​

Tired of the plain old forum layout? We've included options to configure the node layout further

Custom Footer​

You can add a functional footer in seconds to your forum. Our options will let you configure it just how you want it

Custom User Banners & Prefix's​

You can easily change the look of user banners and prefix's using our properties, ditch those stock colors!
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