[Official] mcMMO Classic

MC Plugin [Official] mcMMO Classic 1.6.5
The RPG Lover's Mod

Latest 1.14+ Build: 1.6.3
Latest 1.13 Build: 1.6.1
Latest 1.12 Build: 1.5.10
Latest 1.11 Build: 1.5.07-SNAPSHOT
Latest 1.9/1.10 Build: 1.5.06
Latest 1.8 Build: 1.5.04-SNAPSHOT
1.7 and Older Builds: Bukkit Hosting


About mcMMO Classic

mcMMO Classic is the continuing long term maintenance release of the mcMMO. It aims to continue to support and bugfix the 2014-2018 era mcMMO experience for as long as minecraft allows it.
Author FateKid
5,910 pts
1.6.5 Version
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