⭐[NEW]⭐ SKYBLOCK SETUP - Custom Menus | Upgrades | Minions | Shards | Head Hunting...

Premium MC Setups ⭐[NEW]⭐ SKYBLOCK SETUP - Custom Menus | Upgrades | Minions | Shards | Head Hunting... 4.0
Advanced Skyblock Setup with a cheap price!


This is a advanced skyblock setup it took me a lot of time to finish and this setup comes with files that contain, commands to give items, ranks features and perks and what items and perks you can sell on your webstore. This setup comes alot of good features that will awakening your players interest to love your server. Some of the features are : supply crates, bosses, crates, custom enchants, configured ranks, custom menus, minions and head hunting.
Are you ready to own a amazing server?

When you buy this setup, you can instantly download and start to config it.


Before you purchase it you can test it live on the test server.
This test server contains 1GB Ram.


Server Software: Spigot 1.8.8.
Players can connect to the server using versions 1.8x,1.9x,1.10x,1.11x,1.12x and 1.13x.


  • 6x Donor Ranks
  • Campus Map
  • Warzone Map
  • 3x Type of islands
  • Withdraw Money & EXP
  • 3x Crate Types
  • Custom Mobs
  • Amazing Economy
  • Sell Wands
  • Harvester Hoes
  • Custom Enchantments - 5 Categories
  • Clean Look
  • Custom Menus
  • Minions
  • Shards
  • Upgrades
  • Island Top /is top
  • VoidChest
  • Monthly Crates (Updated Every month)
  • Mob & Crop Hoppers
  • Scoreboard
  • Envoys
  • Bosses
  • Auctions
  • Coinflip
  • Jackpot
  • Shop - 12 categories
  • Trade System
  • Gkits & Kits
  • Pouches
  • and much more awesome features...


Custom Builds: amazing custom builds that will amaze your players! Check them below!

Optimised Server: The setup as about 85 plugins (premium plugins included) and has an average of 19.99 tps with 1GB ram server.

BossBar Announces: announce your players with a very pretty bossbar. This is a good alternative to spamming chat announces.

Motd and First Join: there is a very catchy motd when players join your server and also a first join message.

15 Chat Tags: you can sell titles in your webstore. There are so many to choose from and look pretty nice in chat.

Crates (3x Tiers, Closely 90 Rewards): crate keys can be used to open these crates and get a reward. You can sell crate keys on your webstore.

Monthly Crates: players can open a crate every month to get some awesome items. These items can be ranks, bosses, special hoppers, minions, boosters and more much more.

Phantom Armor: this setup comes with a phantom armor that give 25% more damage if all 4 pieces are equiped!

100+ Custom Enchantments: With 5 enchant tiers your players can have a very different gameplay from vanilla. The enchaments are very balanced. Items such as white, black and transmog scrolls along side with scrambler runes and crystals.

GKits: these kits are very different from the normal ones, they come with custom enchants. There are 10 GKits.

Kits: there are 8 kits altogether. Most kits are for donators and for normal players. Once the kits have been redeemed, they have a live timer in the GUI until they can be redeemed again.

Envoy Crates: there is an event where supply crates drop in the warzone at the spawn that contain loot.

Balanced Economy and GUI Shop: Gui shop is more easy and friendly to your players purchase items. The economy is very balanced.

Ranks (6x Donator Ranks, 4x Staff Ranks): all the ranks have all the permissions setup, the setup comes with a file with all the ranks features and perks.

Custom Tablist: the tablist show your rank and your faction name. Very good looking.

Boosters: players can purchase or win boosters that will speed up them on the server.

Warps and Kits Menu: these custom menus will help your players without doing boring commands.

Bosses: give action to your factions with amazing bosses that drop alot of goodies like monthly crates, crate keys and much more.
Each boss spawns at a certain location in the warzone.

Shards: these shards can be obtained killing mobs. They can be redeemed for things such as ranks, crate keys and gkits.

Special Items: this are special items that will spice your skyblock server.

Upgrades: your players can upgrade their islands to have a boost in their grind.

Scoreboard: this scoreboard shows you all the information about your player and your island.

Island Top: see the top island in a cool designed GUI.

Custom Mob Drops: some mobs drop items which they do not normally.

Donate Announce: a simple broadcast that announces when someone donates in your webstore. (/donate player)

Minions: these minions will mine,farm,grind,feed,collect for you in your island.

Head Hunting: kill mobs and drop their heads to sell and make masks.

Island Panel: This is a island custom panel where you can control all your island. (/island or /is)

And so much more...
Join the test server to see more features.


These plugins are free but because of MC-Market Terms of Service i can't upload in the file. You can download them free in the links below:

(Required) Citizens
(Required) mcMMO


These premium plugins don't come with this setup only the config for those, but you can obtain them in the links below!
Some of them are optional and you can use free ones and others are extremly required for the setup.

(Required) AnimatedNames
(Required) ShopGUI+ (Use Version 1.18.5)
(Optional) CustomBosses/EpicBosses
(Optional) Minions (8.99 GBP)
(Optional) HeadHunting RPG
(Optional) Featherboard
(Optional) SuperBoosters
(Optional) SuperMobCoins
(Optional) VoteParty
(Optional) Vouchers

You can use free alternatives if you want but you will have to configure those plugins yourself.
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