Myriad Clans

Premium MC Plugin Myriad Clans 1.0.7
Clan plugin designed to work alone or integrate with Domain for 1.13/1.14



  • Create or join clans
  • Records kill/death ratio across clan players and non-clan
  • Clan wallet
  • Clan home (with safe-teleport)
  • Clan chat
  • Save your clan banner, and buy new copies
  • Clan prefix in main chat
  • Is actively being developed, so frequent updates and speedy bug fixes
  • Easy to access API
  • Free for registered purchasers of Domain
  • Designed for stand-alone or integrating seamlessly with Domain [Land Claiming | Grief Prevention | Protection Fields]
Myriad Clans allows you to band together with other players to either work together, to give yourselves a common banner or just to wage war with.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into Domain []

Do you already own Domain? - If so, contact me for your free copy of Myriad Clans

Upcoming Features:

  • Ranks
  • Friend/Foe listing
I love to hear from people who are using the plugin or anyone who is just thinking about it. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message here, use the resource discussion or reach out on Discord -

Still not sure Myriad Clans is for you? Contact me for a free copy of the latest version to test*

* Free copy is at my discretion, is good only for the version provided and does not entitle you to any updates


  • /clan - This contains all the other clan commands
  • /clan create <tag> <name> - Creates a new clan (costs can be set in config)
  • /clan disband - This will disband the clan (must be confirmed)
  • /clan chatspy - Turns on chat spy (for admin users only)
  • /clan save - Saves to the database
  • /clan version - Displays the current version
  • /clan home - Will teleport you to the clan home
  • /clan info - Will give you information about the clan, return the MOTD etc.
  • /clan join <tag> - Joins or requests to join the clan listed
  • /clan kick <player> - Kicks a player from the clan
  • /clan leave - Leaves the clan
  • /clan list - Lists all clans and allows you to join/apply to join if not in a clan
  • /clan mail - Lists all offline messages /clan members - Lists all members of the clan, their location, their health and ability to teleport the player home or kick them from the clan (if owner)
  • /clan pay <amount> - Allows players to pay into the clan wallet
  • /clan withdraw <amount> - Allows the owner of the clan to withdraw from the clan wallet
  • /clan set friendlyfire <ON/OFF> - Turns friendly fire on/off
  • /clan set home - Sets the clan home
  • /clan set motd <message> - Sets the clan message of the day
  • /clan set name <name> - Sets the clan name
  • /clan unapply - Cancels the application to join a clan
  • /cc <your message> - Sends a message to all online members of your clan

Myriad Clans uses 5 permissions:
  • myriad.member - Used for clan member level commands, required to join a clan
  • myriad.edit - Used for clan owner level commands, required for creating/editing a clan
  • - Used to allow a player to chat in /clanchat
  • myriad.chatspy - Used to allow /clan chatspy to be used
  • myriad.admin - Gives admin level access





Please be sure to read the following terms BEFORE purchasing
  • You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin in any form
  • You are not allowed to decompile, modify or claim this code as your own
  • Your purchased copy is for use only on 1 public Minecraft server and 1 non-public test server
  • Support requests should be limited to Discord, issue tracker or via private message on Spigot
  • Negative reviews will not be placed without first contacting me to review any issue you are having.
  • Sales are final and refunds or disputes are at my discretion. You must contact me directly prior to issuing a dispute.
Completing your purchase or downloading the plugin indicates your willingness to abide by these terms.

[Please note that messages, discussion and support is limited to English - please feel free to have someone else speak on your behalf if needed]
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