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A great item solution for your RPG server.


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Unique Item Types (wiki)
MMOItems introduces new original item types, such as slashing weapons (swords, daggers... ), piercing weapons (lances, spears) and blunt weapons (hammers, greatstaffs). Item types apply unique on-hit attack effects, like slashing weapons which redirect some percentage of the attack damage in a cone behind the initial target. Piercing weapons feature a smaller attack cone balanced by a higher damage rate. Blunt weapons deal area-of-effect damage just like vanila sweep attacks.
MMOItems also introduces staffs, crossbows, muskets & lutes which all have their very unique attack effect. Item types have more specific options: you may change the particle effects displayed by staffs or lutes or even define a fully custom skill ran when arrows hit your target.


90 Item Options (wiki)
MMOItems comes with about 90 item options including item stats, display options, item attributes, abilities, recipe options, and many many more. A brief overview of the available options can be found below although you'll find a more exhaustive list on the wiki.

70 Item Abilities (wiki)
Item abilities are awesome skills you can bind to your items to make them even more unique. You can bind up to 7 abilities on each item. While some abilities help you defeat your enemies by summoning powerful projectiles, others may temporarilly buff you or your allies.
There are many ways of casting an ability: right/left clicks, sneaking, landing an arrow on a block, being damaged by an entity, damagin an entity... They are the same casting modes as in MMOCore skills.
If you feel like MMOItems abilities are déjà-vu, you can add your own abilities to MMOItems using the MythicMobs skill creation feature.
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