Matrix AntiCheat

Free MC Plugin Matrix AntiCheat 7.0.0 Alpha 10
High Performance | Customizable | Cross-Version | GeyserMC Support | 3.1 Reach Detection

This is the Enterprise Edition - remember to enter a random username and password in the config file



Please read all of the overview carefully before purchase! Buying a plug-in means that you have received our user agreement!!
After you bought the plugin, please join our discord server, and PM me to get the premium user account and discord role!(DM RE)


Matrix is an advanced anti-cheat plugin, it can quickly detect many types of cheating, and supports multiple Minecraft server versions. It has been developed for a long time and is adopted by many large servers. You can try it on

Go to our Discord for a quick support:
Report bugs on Github IssueTracker:
Matrix has 16 checks, their main functions are as follows:
KillAura & HitBox & Click check - It can detect and prevent players from using cheating during combat, such as KillAura, AimBot, Reach, HitBox, MultiAura, AutoClicker, etc
Move & Jesus check - It prevents players from using movement cheating, such as Speed, Fly, Step, Climb, Jesus, etc
BadPackets check - It prevents players from sending abnormal data packets or sending data packets too fast, and can prevent cheating such as Timer, SkinBlinker, etc.
Delay check - Prevent players from speeding up certain game operations, such as eating fast, using bow fast, clicking backpack fast, etc.
Scaffold check - Prevent various types of Scaffold/Tower cheating
Block check - Prevent players from destroying or placing blocks abnormally, such as FastBreak, Nuker, FastPlace, etc.
Velocity check - Check if the player responded to the knockback normally, which can prevent the player from using the anti-knockback
Chat check - Prevent players from chatting too fast
Interact check - Detect abnormal interactions between players and blocks or entities, such as attacking entities through walls
Phase check - Prevent players from moving into blocks
AutoBot check - Prevent players from using automated robots Mod to play games
Vehicle & Elytra check - Prevent players from cheating using elytra/vehicle, such as ElytraFly, VehicleFly, etc

Powerful - Matrix is a powerful anti-cheat, it can quickly detect the vast majority of cheating, compared to other anti-cheating, Matrix can detect more cheating, and stable and fast
CrossVersion - Matrix can support multiple versions of the server, and we will continue to update to support the latest version of Minecraft
Customization - Matrix is a highly customizable anti-cheat. You can define the punishment commands for each check, and the configuration files are clearly divided, and different settings are divided into different files.
GUI Control - You can perform some anti-cheat operations through the GUI without complicated commands
Quick support - Matrix can always respond to support within 24 hours, and can quickly release updates
Configuration Share - You can share your profile with others very easily! Use the command /matrix share to share your configuration file, you will get a Configuration file ID, and you can share the ID with others. Others only need to use the /matrix dlcfg <Config ID> command to download your configuration file
Geyser Support - Matrix supports GeyserMC, you can go to our wiki to learn how to install: WIKI
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7.0.0 Alpha 10
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