Machines - [MYSQL-SQLITE, HOLOGRAMS, SHOP & MORE | 1.8.x - 1.19] <

Free MC Plugin Machines - [MYSQL-SQLITE, HOLOGRAMS, SHOP & MORE | 1.8.x - 1.19] < 4.10.5
Create unlimited Machines and easily configure each one of them. Each wave sends a custom rewards.


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* Machines v3.0 is out now!

Below you can check some of the plugin functions.
(All spoilers below are availables on Machines v3.0+)



(Also, Player Heads can be Machines in Machines v3.0.)
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This is a Machine plugin, Based on an well-known game called "BedWars" which have waves and differents items/drops that spawns arouns the "Generator". This plugins works exactly the same way, But I've changed some things to be adapted in any server, including - Factions, RankUp, Prison and many others server style.
To Starts your own Machine and receive awesome custom drops, you need an custom and specific 'fuel' which you need to buy or earn it by finish 'quests'.

This plugin is fully configurable at the configuration files. You can change the drops for each Machine, change the Machine block, create custom types of upgrade for each Machine, Time for the wave and how many waves it will have, You also can add percentage for the Machine rewards. And all those functions are easy to set up!
Optional Dependencies:
(All plugins listed below, you actually don't need them to Machines work, But if you want the fully plugin's performance you can use any of them).

* PlaceholderAPI - If you're a person that like a thousands of placeholders in a message, well, this is for you. Using PlaceholderAPI, you can set your custom placeholder on the Machine messages or on the hologram.

* Vault - This plugin has a custom shop (Machine & Fuel), if you want that your machine/fuel cost some in game money, you'll need to use Vault.

* HolographicDisplays - On the olders Machine version you had a custom Holographic that was made by SainttX. But using this method of hologram, some buyers reported me some bugs about it. Thinking a lot I resolved to use the HolographicDisplays (This is not a goodbye for our custom holographic, it can be added someday on the next Machine upgrades). It's not necessarily but if you want to have a cool message or an item floating above your machine, wll, you'll should use it.

The are no much dependencies to use Machines plugin.
This plugin only requires Java 8 or higher to work.

This plugin is commonly used on Factions, RankUp or Prison server. But you can make it compatible with any server.
* Unlimited Machines, that each one can be configured at 'config.yml'.
* Custom fuels, you can set up the Time and Waves for each fuel.
* Fuel durability, if the fuel has some durability, before the fuel be taken the fuel durability will be decreased by one, till 'durability be equals than 0'.
* Custom shop for the Fuels and the Machines.
* Custom Holograms, for each Machine you can have a custom hologram which you can add some informative lines or add an floating item above your Machine or both at same time.
* Slide-Item option, show the representation item above your Machine.
* Create your own Machine in game. (Still in dev).
* Custom API.
* Create custom drops for each Machine and also you can add chances for it.
* Each data is saved through MySQL or SQLite.
* Compatible with PlaceholderAPI.
** And many more features! **

(Some others features and updates will be added soon).
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