⭐LiteMatter⭐ [1.17 - 1.20] ⚡Multi Storage NEW UPDATE⚡

MC Plugin ⭐LiteMatter⭐ [1.17 - 1.20] ⚡Multi Storage NEW UPDATE⚡ 1.6.0
Custom Crafting| Matter | Witcher's Cauldron | Monsters Recycler

Tired of chests full of junk? This plugin is for you! Convert all the unnecessary stuff into pixels and then do whatever you want with them. Create new materials, god armor, brew potions and even mine Bitcoin. It all depends only on your imagination!


Players often get bored on Minecraft servers, because they go through it very quickly. Crafting Netherite armor is fairly easy, but what if the armor requires 1000 Netherite? This plugin allows you to create custom recipes, convert all items into pixels and create any item from these pixels.

You can create a monster recycler that recycles monster parts into pixels.

You can create multiple containers. For example, one processor consumes parts of monsters and nets them into different internal containers. And crafting may require 1000 monster parts and 5 netherite ingots

You can also see what can be processed here and how many pixels you get. You can also collect items back. For example, you can process 64 rotten flesh and create 10 gunpowder

Brew potions or Mine BTC
This plugin literally allows you to set up a witch's cauldron that will accept ingredients. The more valuable the ingredients, the more pixels it receives, then brew any potions that you add to the list of possible ones

Or sell miners to players. While they are standing, they mine currency and players can cash it out and sell it in the future

It all depends on your imagination. You can also create a food generator that accepts wheat or meat and gives you ready-made food. Or an ore converter. You can create it all


You can find out in detail how to create your own generator and set items to it https://github.com/Azlagor322/LiteMatter/wiki/Generators
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⭐LiteMatter⭐ [1.17 - 1.20] ⚡Multi Storage NEW UPDATE⚡ is the ultimate Minecraft plugin to take your next project to new heights. Increase the quality of your Minecraft server gameplay by downloading it for free!

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