⭐LiteFish⭐ [1.16 - 1.20+]⚡Tournaments NEW UPDATE⚡

MC Plugin ⭐LiteFish⭐ [1.16 - 1.20+]⚡Tournaments NEW UPDATE⚡ 3.8.3
New Fishing System | Custom Drop | Custom Baits | Biomes | Economy

  • Added event to LiteFish API
  • Fixed Catalog display (Justin)
  • Fixed display of boss bars. (Thanks to EyedChalice2148)
  • Fixed display of values in the directory profile when changing the language
  • Fixed a bug where the plugin could not get the name of the creature for empty eggs (Summoning an entity from fishing)
  • Added HEX to tournament conditions
  • Fixed PAPI display of tournament leaders
  • Added announcement of winners in tournaments
  • Added a command that allows you to open the sales gui for the selected player
  • /lfish openSell %player_name%
  • Removed the debug system that polluted the console (Thanks machettis and sungurami)
  • Fixed display of Default category for /lfish price print
  • Added customization for the fish catalog and event messages (catalogCustomization.json)
  • Now for profiles and working with MySql - color data is removed from all items. (There were problems when recording items that contained a gradient and had a very huge name)
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