Premium MC Plugin LiteBans 2.11.0
A complete, modern, cross-server banning solution (Spigot, Bungee, Velocity).


LiteBans is a lightweight banning plugin supporting UUIDs which allows temporary and permanent bans.
When a player changes their Minecraft name through Mojang, they will still keep their bans, mutes, and warnings.

All punishments made through LiteBans will take effect globally across all servers linked to the same database.
Although LiteBans is designed to effectively synchronize between hundreds of servers, it can still work alone on a single server without a MySQL database.

LiteBans can run natively under Spigot, BungeeCord, and Velocity, offering the same features on all platforms.

  • Designed from the ground up with UUID support in mind. All punishments are UUID-based.​
  • Fully customizable kick screen for banned players, multiple lines and colours can be used, as well as ban information variables – duration until ban expires, reason, staff member who placed the ban, server which ban was placed on, time since ban was placed, original ban date & duration, and many more.​
  • All messages are customizable in messages.yml. There are many useful variables available to place in any configurable message that involves a ban, mute, or warning. Hover-text and RGB colours supported.​
  • You can view punishment history for players (/history) and punishments issued by staff members (/staffhistory).​
  • Multiple types of databases are supported, including MySQL, MariaDB, and H2. H2 is used by default, meaning that MySQL is not needed to use LiteBans with a single-server setup.​
  • When a player with a banned account on the same IP joins, all players with the right permissions will be notified.​
  • Advanced light cross-server synchronization system allows global punishments and broadcasts to instantly take effect across all servers connected to the same database.​
  • Staff members can be "rolled back" – all punishments which they've issued can be removed at any time with a single command. Staff abuse has never been easier to deal with.​
  • Bans can be imported from vanilla (including Essentials), and six popular plugins, including MaxBans, BanManager, AdvancedBan, and BungeeAdminTools.​
  • Offline players can receive warnings; they will see all of their new warnings when they join. This works across servers.​
  • Players cannot override punishments by setting very short bans or mutes unless they have permission.​
  • Lightweight, multithreaded, and designed for performance. LiteBans uses a minimal amount of memory and does not block the main server thread with any database queries after startup.​

Cross-Server Synchronization
One of the best features of LiteBans for networks is its cross-server synchronization system.

For example:
Server A, Server B and Server C are all running LiteBans, connected to the same MySQL database.

If a player who is on Server A is muted on Server B, it will immediately take effect on Server A, the player will be muted, and all players on Server A, B and C will see the broadcast indicating that the player was muted if they have permission and broadcast synchronization is enabled. If the player leaves Server A and joins Server B or Server C, they will still be muted.

Web Interface
The web interface lists all bans, mutes, warnings, and kicks.
It can be used to view all punishments for specific players or by staff, and check when those punishments will expire.
* Free website is not included, you will require your own website hosting.
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