Lands - Land claim plugin Grief Prevention Protection GUI Management Nations Wars - 1.19 Support

Premium Nulled Plugins Lands - Land claim plugin Grief Prevention Protection GUI Management Nations Wars - 1.19 Support 6.16.6

+ Added: events.yml -> haspermission([p1, p2]) check
- Fixed: [#2106] Snowman not able to attack monsters in claims
- Fixed: [#2107] Weeping vines ignoring plant growth flag
- Fixed: [#2110] /l spawn not sending message when player hasn't enough money
- Fixed: Rental expiration not calling untrust event
- Fixed: Natural flags not showing in menu
+ Added: [Suggestion] Four new Luckperms contexts
NOTE: Old ones were renamed to match the gernal name space.
Please see the wiki and update accordingly:
+ Added: [Suggestion] Can't invite player that is banned.
+ Added: [Suggestion] Can't accept invite from area, where player is banned
+ Added: [Suggestion] Can't ask to join land, that is looking for members, if banned.
+ Added: [Suggestion] Don't allow spawn teleport if not trusted and land is engaged in war.
- Fixed: [#2088] Unknown message: not-exist
- Fixed: [#2111] Max chunks amount offset at claim
- Fixed: [#2070] Capture flag not removed correctly
+ Improved: Make sure destination is safe when disabling fly and therefore teleporting
- Fixed: [#2086] API event error unknown method 3rd party
- Fixed: [#2084] Wrong teams at declaration event if mutual enabled
+ Added: [Suggestion] Being able to manually specify animals and monsters in config:
 # You can specify here which entities should be considered an animal or monster.
  # This affects all parts of the plugin, that involves these entity groups.
  # If the list contains "default": New entities of future updates, that are part of this category will be added automatically.
   - 'default'
   - 'default'
+ Added: player_target player group for events.yml for those events that involve a target player.
See the default file on github for reference. The player group isn't added automatically.
+ Added: war_loser_online, war_loser_trusted player group for warendevent in events.yml
+ Improved: [#2081] Comments about bank.enabled in config.yml
- Fixed: [#2083] WarDeclareEvent called before acception, if mutual
- Fixed: [#2082] Sorting context error if nations disabled
+ Improved: Fertilization check when using bone meal.
- Fixed: [#2104] Not recognizing nether world with different names
+ Added: API: Container additions, such as claims and areas
Required for latest BetterFarming.

+ Added: Ignore claim limit and costs at /l merge, if editor is server admin editor
[NULLFORUMS +] Fixed an issue with deletion of claimed lands.
+ Added: [Suggestion] %lands_relation% placeholder

+ Added: New permission to allow usage of disabled features, such as setting areas up for rental.
description: Allow to use disabled features, such as setting areas up for rental.

+ Improved: Use playtime from server stats to take whole playtime into account. Thanks @Verum
- Fixed: [#2099] Error at config validation
+ Added: events.yml: You can now use lists in conditions:
condition: '["abc", "def"] contains "abc"'

+ Added: events.yml: Two new text operators:
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