【Kix's Auto Announcer ++】: Multi line ♦ Auto Center ♦ In-game editor ♦ Hex & More [1.8-1.18.x+]

Premium MC Plugin 【Kix's Auto Announcer ++】: Multi line ♦ Auto Center ♦ In-game editor ♦ Hex & More [1.8-1.18.x+] 1.3.3
Simply elegant announcements that stand out; a must have for any kind of server.



kix's auto announcer ++ is a feature packed plugin that seamlessly integrates with your server to let you create beautiful, content rich automatic announcements in chat, all in-game.


☑️ All in-game editor
You won't ever have to touch the config. Change settings, add, edit, delete, and more all in-game.

☑️ Per-world broadcasts
Restrict certain broadcasts to only appear in certain worlds. Not your thing? You can go global, too.

☑️ Multi-line broadcasts
Use as many lines as your heart desires.

☑️ Automatic centering
Visually improve your broadcasts appearances by utilizing the option of automatic chat centering.

☑️ Custom color support
If you're using 1.16 or above, you can use hex values for custom colors in chat with "&#hexvalue"! Regular preset colorcodes will work as well. You can easily find hex values with Googles color picker tool: https://www.google.com/search?q=color+picker

☑️ Incredibly customizable
Tweak just about everything about the plugin to work the best for your servers own style and needs. Set headers, footers, prefixes, interval, order, alignment and more.

☑️ Ordered (1, 2, 3, etc) or random (3, 1, 2, etc) broadcasting modes
Set the broadcasting order that works best for your announcement contents.

☑️ Permission based broadcasts
Restrict broadcasts to only be shown to players with a required permission (that you can determine).

☑️ Placeholder API Support (+ additional built in placeholders)
Add dynamic player specific text from plugins you love to show stats or other info in your announcements.

☑️ Sound broadcasts
Grab players attention by playing a sound when a broadcast appears in chat.

☑️ Per-player toggle broadcast visibility command
Allow players to hide broadcasts for them, if they prefer them hidden.

☑️ Style presets
Don't know where to start with customization? Quickly style your announcements by applying one of the of beautiful built in header and footer presets with your choice of colors.

☑️ Instant Configuration Updates
Maximize your efficiency: the second you change a setting with an in-game command, it's live. No need to ever restart or reload the plugin!

☑️ Rich tab completion

Enjoy effortless writing with rich tab completion support for all commands to help guide you through them and save your time. As you write commands, you'll see insightful information such as what has to be written next or if there's a problem with what's currently written (in beta), and more!
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