Kauri Anticheat | BEST IN CLASS PERFORMANCE | Destroy cheaters! | 1.7.10-1.19

MC Plugin Kauri Anticheat | BEST IN CLASS PERFORMANCE | Destroy cheaters! | 1.7.10-1.19 2.19
The best solution for the cheater problems of today.

Industry-leading Detection
We provide more detection than the competition in this price bracket. After selling expensive anti-cheat solutions, we learned that our work was unattainable for most people. We decided to lower the pricing while keeping most of the detection there.

Developed by the Best
Kauri is worked on by the industry-leading anti-cheat developers that work for incredibly large Minecraft servers, designing solutions to best detect and remove cheaters with low performance overhead and astounding accuracy.

Incredibly Lightweight
Kauri's development process includes performance in every decision made. This is what has allowed the project to be the lightest premium anticheat on Spigot (based on this testing)!

7 Day Money-Back Guarantee*
If you aren't happy with Kauri Anticheat, or simply just don't need it, you can get your money back no hassle! Just message me within the 7 day period and provide your PayPal email and proof of purchase, and I will send the refund.
*Refunds after this 7 day period are at my discretion. Refunds may not include the PayPal transaction fees incurred (usually around $1-2). Because spigotmc.org only allows PayPal, which does not give sellers the (sometimes large) fees back when we refund, this will have to be the case.

Mass Scalability
We designed Kauri for networks with extremely large player-bases. Kauri will always scale across all cores using efficient pipelining techniques**.

Ease of Use
We designed Kauri to work for your server with minimal configuration. Not every server is the same, so we provide an easy to navigate GUI and configuration file. We support MySQL, MongoDB, or Flatfiles for database storage.

Lunar Client an Forge API Integration
We implemented support for Lunar Client and Forge to allow server moderators to see what exactly their players are using.

What do we detect?

Aim (A)
Aim (B)
Aim (C)
Aim (D)
Aim (E)
Autoclicker (A)
Autoclicker (B)
Autoclicker (C)
Autoclicker (G)
Hand (B)
Hand (C)
Reach (A)
Killaura (A)
Killaura (B)
Killaura (C)
Killaura (D)
Killaura (E)
Killaura (F)
Velocity (A)
Velocity (C)
Velocity (D)
Speed (A)
Speed (B)
Speed (C)
Speed (D)
NoFall (A)
NoFall (B)
Fly (A)
Fly (B)
Fly (C)
Fly (D)
Fly (E)
Fly (F)
Hand (A)
Hand (B)
Hand (C)
Hand (D)
Block (A)
Timer (A)
Timer (B)
BadPackets (A)
BadPackets (B)
BadPackets (C)
BadPackets (D)
BadPackets (E)
BadPackets (F)
BadPackets (G)
BadPackets (H)
BadPackets (I)
BadPackets (J)
BadPackets (K)
BadPackets (L)
BadPackets (M)
BadPackets (N)
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