MC Plugin InteractiveBoard 19.96
Touchscreen display in Minecraft [1.8.8 - 1.20.1]

InteractiveBoard is a unique and innovative solution for true contextual graphical user interfaces in Minecraft. Anything from touchscreen shops to teaching players your server mechanics with videos is possible. The limit is your imagination.


Examples of things you can do with InteractiveBoard



InteractiveBoard has an always expanding list of features.
  • BannerBoard compatibility - BannerBoard boards/configs can be loaded through InteractiveBoard by the BannerBoard compatibility for InteractiveBoard plugin.
  • Contextual rendering - every player sees a different image specifically made for them at that moment.
  • Scenes - you can have multiple scenes in a single board, so a single board can have a large assortment of uses.
  • Buttons - clickable buttons with single pixel precision that can execute a variety of functions like opening a crafting table, switching a scene, changing properties of an object like text color or size, scrolling, buying and selling items, etc.
  • Permissions - you can set the default board scene to be different depending upon what permissions the player has. For example, you can make it, so a VIP player can see a list of their perks on the board which a normal player wouldn't see.
  • Images - you can upload any image you want to the board. Supported formats: .jpg and .png
  • Animated GIFS - the plugin can display animated GIFS on any board you want. This can be used to teach players new mechanics which could only be shown easily with a video playing.
  • Fast and optimized rendering - all aspects of the plugin have been tweaked to ensure optimal performance. Using custom smart caching and packet systems, InteractiveBoard is extremely fast and very light, only updating boards when necessary.
  • PlaceholderAPI support - you can use all the placeholders from the PlaceholderAPI in text on your board.
  • Shops - Vault API is supported, so you can create shops with the board.
  • Scrollpanes - you can use scrollpanes to let the player scroll in case all the things you want to show don't fit in your scene.
  • Translatable - messages sent to the player can be changed in the language configuration file.
  • Music Support - InteractiveBoard has NoteBlockAPI support which allows you to play any .nbs song you want in a board.
  • 3D Player Skin rendering - you can render the skin of the player on the board.

/ib create - to create a board
/ib delete - to delete a board
/ib reload - to reload all board configurations
/ib teleport <board name> - teleport to a board
/ib fonts - get names of fonts loaded from the font folder
/ib name - get name of a board
/ib reset - reload a specific board
/ib coordinates - get x and y coordinates of a board pixel
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