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Free Plugin Configs [HQ] Custom NCP Fork & Configuration + Patchwork 5.6.3
Custom NCP Fork

Currently the #1 anti-cheat solution on MC-Market with 1,600+ sales!
I have spent nearly four years now, since early November 2015, focusing on improving the default configuration and code of NoCheatPlus (NCP) to reduce false positives while maintaining the high accuracy that many server owners seek. I've personally seen my configuration and fork used on a wide variety of gamemodes including Factions, HCF, Prison, Kit-PvP, Survival, Skyblocks, Minigames, and other gamemodes that exist across the 1,600+ servers that have purchased this. I dedicate a large degree of time to constantly focus and improve the fundamentals of this fork; hopefully, this shines true after purchasing it and assessing it for yourself or on a test server.

Blocked Cheats and Notifications:
  • Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of every hack blocked.
  • Before sending any notification, NCP makes sure that neither the server nor the player in question is lagging.
  • Notifications are color-coded from green to red:
    • Green = Very likely to be cheating
    • Orange = Definitely cheating
    • Red = Bluntly cheating

What makes this anti-cheat solution better than any other anti-cheats?
  • Provided is a custom fork of NCP that resolves a handful of issues with the legacy code.
  • Lag generated by NoCheatPlus is reduced, or entirely removed.
    • Tasks such as logging to flat file and console - which are unnecessary - are not active.
  • Hit direction is improved dramatically; this allows for PvP to be much smoother than the average delay between hits with the default configuration, especially with the legacy combat system found in 1.8.x.
  • Accurate notifications - you will no longer be spammed by NCP's false positives. NCP will send color-coded notifications from green to red based upon the bluntness of a cheater.
    • If you're looking to be spammed by notifications that might be inaccurate, look elsewhere.
  • Players aren't going to experience odd movement setback with slabs, anvil, water, and chest collision bug(s) that is often experienced with outdated versions.
    • The last public release does not support 1.13+ while this fork does provide support for 1.8 - 1.14.4.
  • All server-side hacks such as FastPlace, SpeedMine, etc are properly blocked based on vanilla gameplay to not impact regular players while effectively still stopping hackers.
  • An optimized configuration generates directly from the jar file to save buyers time rather than trying to configure their anti-cheat to meet their needs.
    • Every single string is redone in the configuration to optimize and improve performance.
I heard that NoCheatPlus is easy to bypass and that other anti-cheat plugins are better:
  • NoCheatPlus is run on a large number of servers as it is one of the few plugins that continue to stand the test of time as even checks that haven't been recently updated by the fork, still manage to block most cheats. I still don't mind going the extra mile and modified values in the configuration to be stricter without disturbing regular player's gameplay.
  • On top of an optimized configuration and several improvements brought about by the provided fork, I've included a patchwork plugin to contribute additional checks and layers of protection for your server. This includes the addition of several movements and combat checks. Server & player latency are checked before notifications are sent - something that the majority of other anti-cheats don't offer.
What is this 'patchwork' plugin I keep reading about?
  • Included in the resource is a patchwork plugin. By patchwork, I am referring to an additional public plugin that is fully optional to run alongside NCP. The goal of the patchwork plugin is to not only resolve flaws that NCP has - including blocking bypasses and improving limited checks - but also to build upon the existing checks of NCP to better protect your server.
  • Some checks are included are in the "Hacks Blocked" section above (overlapping checks not listed). Several checks from the patchwork plugin and NCP do overlap to ensure that there are no bypasses available to be exploited. Also provided is full plugin documentation as far as which checks are used by the patchwork plugin as well as permissions.
What is included:
  • A custom NoCheatPlus fork for 1.8.x - 1.14.4.
  • An optimized NCP Configuration
  • A configured, public patchwork plugin that works well alongside NoCheatPlus. (1.7.x - 1.14.4)

As a rule of thumb: if it works with the last public release of NCP, then it'll work with this resource. If you were to overlook this section, then please refer to the FAQ in the instructions.txt for help. I don't mind helping resolve conflicts but it'll mostly be just disabling checks as that's the easy way out or I'll expand on the provided steps in the instructions as your conflicting plugin is your responsibility. Incompatibilities primarily include:
  • Modifications to combat, movement, building or other vanilla/Spigot events. (Ex. Abilities, Item Attributes)
  • Non-vanilla Minecraft enchantments. (Ex. Custom Enchantment Plugins)
Test Servers:
  • NCP-US.SparkedHost.us (1.8 - 1.14.4)
  • NCP-EU.SparkedHost.us (1.8 - 1.14.4)
    • EU is on a budget system, may lag a bit.
    • /Kick actions are disabled.
  • Fadecloud.com
  • Play.MineSuperior.com
  • If you would like your server here, let me know!
If you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me through a PM through any of the methods below!

Contacting me:
Click to start a conversation - only message me through one site, not both. Please include the /ncp version output in your message!

Spigot: Messaging - MarkElf
MC-Market: Messaging - MarkElf

You acknowledge agreement and acceptance to the "Terms of Service" the moment you submit payment.
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