MC Plugin HPWizard 2.3.4
Harry Potter role-playing plugin, with brooms, spells, floo network, house points and more!


HPWizard is an all-in-one role-playing minecraft plugin!

I've been working on this for a private server, unfortunately, the server got closed and I decided to release it!

This plugin is made to mimic the harry potter world, so, you'll need to be a wizard before you can cast any spell (I mean, if you're muggle, you won't be able to cast any spell, you should be sorted in a house before!)

Here's the plugin official documentation (it's still partly done, but it will be finished soon ^^): https://hpwizard.lorenzopr.com

  • Wands
  • Spells
  • Brooms
  • Floo Network
  • Sorting Hat
  • House points
  • Custom house names
  • Custom house colors
  • Custom spell sounds
  • House point signs
  • Spell customization system
  • NEW: PlaceholderAPI compatible!

< > -> required parameter.
[ ] -> optional parameter.
option1 | option2 -> choose one of the options (just one).

  • /hpw addpoints <points to add> <house> - Adds points to the specified House.
  • /hpw editfloolocation <floo location name> - Opens the floo location edition menu.
  • /hpw editbroom <broom alias> - Opens edit broom menu.
  • /hpw editwand <wand alias> - Opens wand edition menu.
  • /hpw export - Exports the whole HPWizard data (Wands, Wizards and Brooms), it'll be possible to import it later using "/hpw import <file>".
  • /hpw forget <player> <spell | * | all> - Removes a spell or spells from the player's knowing.
  • /hpw getbroom <broom alias> [player] - Gives the selected broom to the target player.
  • /hpw getfloopowder <amount> [player] - Gives the specified amount of floo powder to the target player.
  • /hpw getwand <wand alias> [player] - Gives the selected wand to the target player.
  • /hpw import <file> - Imports the selected dat file (it MUST be placed in "plugins/HPWizard" folder, may not be compatible if generated with a previous HPWizard version!).
  • /hpw teach <player> <spell | * | all> - Teaches the selected spell to the target player.
  • /hpw sort <player> [house] - Sorts the player in the selected (or random) house.
  • /hpw showpoints - Shows the current points for each house.
  • /hpw setpointsmeter <house> - Sets the location for the specified house's point meter.
  • /hpw sethousetrophy <ministry|hogwarts> - Sets the location for the winning House trophy.
  • /hpw sethousefireworks <ministry|hogwarts> - Sets the location for the winning House fireworks.
  • /hpw sethatlocation - Sets the sorting hat position at your current location.
  • /hpw setfloolocation - Opens the floo location creation menu.
  • /hpw removepoints <points to remove> <house> - Removes points from the specified house.
  • /hpw reload - Reloads the plugin.
  • /hpw listwands - List all existing Wands.
  • /hpw listspells [all | player] - Shows a list of spells for the selected filter.
  • /hpw listpointsigns - Lists all existing house points signs.
  • /hpw listfloo - List all existing floo locations.
  • /hpw listbrooms - Lists all existing brooms.
  • /hpw deletewand <wand alias> - Opens wand deletion menu.
  • /hpw deletefloolocation <floo location name> - Opens the floo location deletion menu.
  • /hpw deletebroom <broom alias> - Deletes the specified broom.
  • /hpw createwand - Opens the wand creation menu.
  • /hpw createbroom - Opens broom creation menu.

To be short, I'll post a list of the currently available spells, lately i'll be posting videos to show how the spells works!
  • Accio: Makes objects come to you.
  • Aguamenti: Spawns a block of water at the target location.
  • NEW!! Alarte Ascendare: Launches the target entity up into the air.
  • Alohomora: Opens doors, trapdoors, pressure plates etc.
  • Apparate: Teleports you instantly to the wanted locatio.
  • Arania Exumai: Kills the target spider or cave spider.
  • Aresto Momentum: Slows down your falling speed.
  • Avada Kedavra: Instantly kills the entity you're looking at.
  • Bombarda: Summons an explosion at the target block.
  • Confundus: Confuses the target for a limited period of time.
  • Crucio: Causes agonising pain to the target.
  • Episkey: Heals and feeds yourself.
  • Evanesco: Disappear for a limited period of time.
  • Expecto Patronum: Protects you against dementors by repelling them.
  • Expelliarmus: Disarms your opponent.
  • Finite Incantatem: Removes all negative effects from you.
  • Flipendo: Slightly damage the target.
  • Glacius: Freezes water and extinguishes fire.
  • NEW!! Herbivicus: Makes crops and plants grow instantly.
  • NEW!! Homenum Revelio: Reveals the entities around the target point.
  • NEW!! Immobulus: Immobilizes the target player.
  • Imperio: Places the target under your control.
  • Incendio: Sets the target entity on fire.
  • Lumos: Lights up your wand for a limited period of time.
  • Morsmordre: Conjures the dark mark.
  • Nox: Blinds the target entity for a limited period of time.
  • Peregrinorum: Starts traveling in smoke form.
  • Periculum: Launches red sparks at the sky.
  • NEW!! Protego: If active, protects you against the next spell.
  • Reducto: Summons an explosion at the target block.
  • Reparo: Repairs all damaged items in your inventory.
  • Sectumsempra: Slices and maims the target.
  • Serpensortia: Summons a snake at the target location.
  • Stupefy: Stuns the target entity.
  • Wingardium Leviosa: Makes the target object levitate.
You can see how the spells work here (OUTDATED, new one coming soon!):


Here's a short tutorial about how to create wands!

After you create your wand, you should get it using /hpw getwand <player> <wand alias>.
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