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Premium MC Plugin ✨HoloBroadcast ✨ 3.0.0
Are you bored of standard chat broadcast plugins? Here is your new favorite plugin ☄️



To see all the commands, configurations and other features please refer to the wiki. Go to the wiki.

Are you bored of standard chat broadcast plugins?

HoloBroadcast allows you to broadcast messages as holograms displayed in front of players following their movements.
You can also send private hologram messages to individual players, or display a hologram when specific events are triggered (e.g. when a player joins your server.) It is completely transparent to the PvP and build experiences: you can still hit players and place/break blocks through any hologram.
HoloBroadcast simulates a “Head Up Display” (“HUD” is the type of display that Tony Stark has in his Iron Man helmet) to display holographic messages that stick to the player view even when they turn their head or move.

(special thanks to BGHDDevelopment)

Spoiler: Updates


  • broadcast holograms to players (individual or group)
  • bungeecord support (broadcasts to all servers)
  • Server/Bungee plugin (runs on both platform)
  • personal player settings with in-game GUI
  • send holograms when specific events are triggered
  • animations, items, particles and sounds in your holograms!
  • combat tag, templates and auto-announcer system
  • permission templates: templates that are displayed differently according to the watcher's permissions!
  • scheduling system to schedule your broadcasts
  • Supports HEX Colors (&<#ffffff>)
  • Private Messages system (/hb msg and /hb reply)
  • Placeholders with PlaceHolderAPI or MVdWPlaceHolderAPI
  • hook to PlotSquared v5
  • hook to FACTIONS (also supports forks and remakes such as SaberFactions / SavageFactions)
  • hook to WORLDGUARD
  • Asynchronous holograms (running on their own thread) which means incredible performances
  • API with custom events (cancellable and editable)




You install HoloBroadcast like any other plugin by simply puting the .jar file in the “plugins” directory of your server.

However, when updating HoloBroadcast please follow the steps below:

  1. Backup HoloBroadcast.jar and its config files.
  2. Stop your server.
  3. Delete HoloBroadcast.jar and its config files from your server.
  4. Put the new HoloBroadcast.jar file in your plugins folder.
  5. Start your server.
  6. HoloBroadcast should be correctly installed and will generate the latest config files. They will have default values so if you want to put your old settings back, copy them from your backup config files.

If you want to install PlaceHolderAPI or MVdWPlaceHolderAPI please follow their respective instructions. Note that HoloBroadcast will perfectly work even without those APIs. They simply add more placeholders to HoloBroadcast.

You can also run HoloBroadcast on a BungeeCord server. Simply follow the same steps!
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