GPS [1.9 - 1.20] | Global Positioning System For Your Server |

MC Plugin GPS [1.9 - 1.20] | Global Positioning System For Your Server | 2.19.27
An actual GPS featuring 360° 3D axis arrows, in-game configurator, and advanced path computation!


The one and only first ever actual Global Positioning System; GPS for short for Spigot servers. Designed with both simple and advanced world mappings in mind. Create simple GPS mappings or very complex and advanced webs of connections and routes. The GPS will consistently guide you through the shortest path available.

Warping around the world/spawn is ordinary and extremely boring. It leaves everything you have built unwatched and unappreciated resulting in wasted time / wasted money spent on builders and makes your server dull. Using the GPS allows your players to explore your server as they go, and discover all the characteristics that make your server unique and intriguing. Guided by a completely customizable arrow, which is not created from boring particles, you, and your players, always know exactly where to go. Setting up the GPS is extremely easy and straightforward. With the in-game GPS configurator, you are free from messing around with clumsy yml files and having to fiddle around with misconfigurations due to typos and indentation errors. All points and connections are observable via particles whenever the configurator is enabled.

Test Server:

If you wish to use this on a 1.8 server then please read the "Important for 1.8 servers" in the Versions and Support section first!

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