GadgetsMenu [1.8 - 1.20.2] [Premium]

MC Plugin GadgetsMenu [1.8 - 1.20.2] [Premium] 5.14.0
More than 550+ cosmetic items! Animated Hats, Suits, Gadgets, Miniatures, Cloaks and many more.

  • Added 5 new morphs. (Cave Spider, Wither Skeleton, Rabbit, Wolf, Grinch)
  • Added DecentHolograms support for individual hologram to replace ProtocolLib. (ProtocolLib is no longer a soft dependency now)
  • Code cleaned up.
  • Add 2 Vex pet. [Normal & Angry] (Available from 1.12 - 1.20.2)
  • Add 1.20.2 support.
  • Add 3 more placeholders to display the pet happiness status and the number of pet items currently owned by the player. (%gadgetsmenu_current_pet_attribute_happiness%, %gadgetsmenu_pet_attribute_happiness_<type>%, %gadgetsmenu_pet_items_<pet_item>%)
  • Add owning player head material support. (Shows the current player's skull)
  • Add better sound configuration support by allowing to configure the sound pitch and volume. (Click here for more details)
  • Add a new Mystery Dust Storage support - TokenManager. (How to setup mystery dust storage?)
  • Add whitelisted region support. (Only allow cosmetic usage in certain region)
  • You can now configure the per world region in blacklisted region. (Click here for more details)
  • Fixed an issue where Paintball Gun Gadget and Paint Trail Gadget could break bamboo block.
  • Player can now move the menu item in Creative mode. (Previously only non-Creative mode can move the menu item)
  • Fixed an issue where players were receiving duplicate cooldown messages when attempting to activate gadget.
  • Fixed an InvocationTargetException error when player equip suit.
  • Fixed an issue where player can right-click the Elytra to replace the equipped hat/suit pieces/banner/emote.
  • Fixed an issue where pet and miniature is no longer follow the owner when the owner teleported to another location.
  • Fixed an issue where pet not working in 1.20.1 server due to the upstream API changes.
  • Add Camel & Sniffer pets. (Total 4 pets, 2 baby and 2 adult)
  • Fixed an issue where Horse & Llama pet's variant not updating according to the selected color in 1.20 server.
  • Fixed an issue where Slime & Magma Cube pet not resize properly in server 1.19.x & 1.20.
  • Fixed an issue where player can right-click the armor item to replace the equipped hat/suit pieces/banner/emote.
  • Fixed an NoSuchMethodError error when unequip Bumblebee suit in server below 1.12.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Add custom model data support for colored leather armor material.
    • (Format: [custommodeldata]:<material>:<modeldata>:<Hex Color Code>)
    • (Example: 'custommodeldata:LEATHER_HELMET:123456:#FF0000')
  • Fixed an issue where DecentHolograms's holograms are flicking when player is riding pet in server version 1.8.x.
  • Fixed ISSUES-957 - Fixed an IllegalArgumentException error which occurs in server 1.19 and above.
Planned to drop support for 1.19.1, 1.19.2, 1.19.3 in the future update, but will still remain support for 1.19.4.


  • 1.20 support. (Beta)
  • Fixed MySQL/SQLite database failed to update data when using certain database version.
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