Foodomaa - Multi-restaurant Food Ordering, Restaurant Management and Delivery Application

PHP Scripts Foodomaa - Multi-restaurant Food Ordering, Restaurant Management and Delivery Application 3.4
Multi-restaurant Food Ordering, Restaurant Management and Delivery Application

Foodomaa® is a multi-restaurant/store online ordering solution. It provides an Admin Dashboard, a Restaurant Management System, a Delivery Application (PWA), and a full-fledge Customer Progressive Web App (PWA).

Zones with Latest Foodomaa update v3.4

Top Features Highlights​

  • Zones, Multi-City and Franchise Management
  • Customizable with Location Based Promotions
  • Pin-Point Location and Distance Accuracy with Free* Google APIs
  • Login with Phone Number and OTP
  • Multiple Payment Gateways for Flexible Payment Processing
  • Conversion Centric User Experience
  • High Performance with Blazing fast speed
  • Lifetime Free Updates and World-class Customer Support
  • Engaging community with 900+ active Foodomaa lovers
  • Highly Extendable with Premium Modules

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2400+ businesses uses Foodomaa all around the world

Platform Dashboard

  • Interactive Dashboard with Date Range Filter for stats data.
  • Orders data visualization


  • Advanced Stores Info Table with search and filters.
  • Drag & Drop stores to your preferable positions.
  • Bulk Upload/Export Stores List using CSV file.
  • Quick Shut/Open Stores with a single click
  • Login as Store Owner with a single click, no password required.
  • View a particular Store’s Items with one click.
  • Easily manage new store registrations with Approval System.

Store Settings​

  • SEO friendly custom Stores URL.
  • Assign Stores to Custom Categories/Attributes.
  • Set a minimum order price for stores.
  • Configurable Store Packing/Extra Charges.
  • Custom HTML Block for any content.
  • Interactive Map to fetch Store’s Location.
  • Restrict Store’s Operations by Radius.
  • Restrict Store’s Operations by Geofencing with our Delivery Area Pro Module.
  • Allow Store to provide Delivery or Self-Pickup or both services to customers.
  • Set Fixed or Dynamic Delivery charges using Google Distance Matrix API to calculate delivery charges with xx (advanced formula of distance in km)
  • Provide Free Delivery charges above a certain amount.
  • Quick toggles to update Store Meta.
  • Allow Store to automatically accept the order on arrival.
  • SMS and Push Notification configurable parameters for Store Owners.
  • Automatic Open/Close Stores based on predefined time.
  • Save Store’s Bank Account Details for Payout.
  • Allow or Restrict a Store to use a certain payment gateway configured by admin.
  • Drag & Drop Store’s Menu Categories and Items to your preferable positions.
  • View/Edit a store’s ratings and reviews.
  • Commissions for stores can be set by admin.

Item Settings​

  • Advanced Items Info Table with search and filters
  • Bulk Upload/Download items with CSV file.
  • Quick actions for item availability (On/OFF)
  • Create items for sale with Base Price and Discounted Price
  • Can set badges on items to attract visitor’s attention.
  • Allow your customers to see if an item is Veg/Non-Veg.
  • Item Addon and Variants Options (eg: size – small, medium, toppings, etc)

Users & Permissions​

  • Advanced Users Info Table with search and filters.
  • Export User Database to CSV file.
  • Add New User and assign specific permissions such as a Customer, a Store Owner, a delivery boy or a staff member.
  • Create different roles based on your staff management decisions.
  • Allow a User to be assigned to a specific Zone. The user assigned can only manage data of the Zone assigned to him.
  • Assign Per Order Commission Rate to Delivery Boy.
  • Assign Floating Cash Limit to a Delivery. They cannot accept any more orders until the cash balance is cleared with Admin.
  • Assign Max Order in Queue for Delivery. They cannot accept any more orders until the current queue is cleared.
  • Ability to assign Delivery Guys to Stores.
  • Ability to assign Store Owners to Stores.
  • Show Delivery Guy’s Vehicle Number, Photo, Vaccination Status etc for Customer’s Reference.
  • Place Order on behalf of customers using Hotline Services with Call and Order Module.
  • Add or Deduct Amounts in User Wallets.
  • View Users Order History, Wallet Transactions, Saved Addresses, Reviews.


  • Advanced Orders Info Table with search and filters.
  • Export Orders Info to CSV file.
  • View Order ID, Order Status, Customer Name, Store Name, Payment Method, Amount, Time and Time Elapsed in one screen.
  • View Customer’s Details, Ordered Items, Total amount, Order Distance, Live Order Timer.
  • Easy to visualise all order activities in a single page for a single order.
  • Manually Accept/Cancel/AssignDelivery/Re-assignDelivery facility for Admin.
  • Print Order Details on Order Arrival and KOT on Thermal Printer with Thermal Printer Module For Foodomaa

Promotional Sliders​

  • Set Promotional images to an item to upsell the product.
  • Set promotional images sliders and link them to your stores and use them as a secondary source of income.
  • Set dynamic size of the Promotional Images.
  • An image linked to any store or item will only be shown if the store is providing service in the customer’s area.
  • Link an external URL to the promotional image to divert your traffic.

Store Category Sliders​

  • Create Custom Categories/Attributes for Stores, allowing customers to easily search their favourite item sellers.
  • Dynamic Category Slider Sizes.
  • Category sliders can be used to filter stores by a store’s attribute, or what they sell.


  • Create coupons with several options like fixed amount or percentage, usage, expiry.
  • Restrict a coupon’s usage with a Minimum cart subtotal. Show your customers a message if the subtotal is not reached.
  • Coupons can be assigned to a certain selection of stores or all stores.
  • Coupons can be restricted to a number of times per user.

Push Notifications​

  • Send push notifications about promotions and order updates to customers using our Hybrid Android Mobile App.
  • Send Push notifications to selected users or all users at once.
  • Get an overview of your app downloaders and send promotional contents to convert them to your customers.
  • Get order updates, promotional texts, OTP over Push Notifications.


  • Create Custom Pages for Informations such as policies, offers or support.
  • Link Pages to any Custom HTML block

Store Payouts​

  • Check Store Requests for payouts.
  • Manage Store Payout requests with Transaction mode and transaction ID.
  • View Bank Details of the Store while processing the payment for confirmation.

Delivery Collection​

  • Advanced Delivery Guy Cash-in-Hand Info Table with search and filters.
  • Bulk-export report to a CSV File.
  • Check Delivery Boy’s cash in hand and process them partially or in full.
  • Block new orders to delivery guys after cash in hand reaches a certain limit.

Delivery Collection​

  • Advanced Cash Collection Info Table with search and filters.
  • Check Delivery Guy’s name, amount, date and the cash collected by staff name in one place.

Wallet Transactions​

  • Check all the wallet transactions, offer deposits, commission deposits, order deductions of customer’s wallet balance in one place.

Multi-lingual Support​

  • Foodomaa Frontend is fully multi-language supported.
  • No restrictions on the number of languages.
  • Set any language as default language.
  • 400+ keys to translate.
  • Custom HTML Blocks to add any HTML data in the provided blocks, with multi-language support.
  • Store Dashboard can be translated to the business owner’s preferred language.


  • Zones allows a business to expand outside his home location.
  • Zones define multiple cities a business owner wants to operate in.
  • Staff can be assigned to zones so they can manage the data only related to their zones.
  • Highly flexible for expansion and data restriction.
  • Admin can select a zone to view data related to a selected zone.
  • Better reporting and reachability.
  • Can allow expansion of a franchise based model of business.
  • Admin can create as many zones and assign them to the Zone Managers
  • Zone manager can process store payouts for their zone
  • Zone manger can process delivery cash collection and view cash collection logs of their zone
  • Zone manager can only view Store, Items, Orders, and Delivery Guys of their zone.

600+ Admin Config Settings
600+ Admin Config Settings

Foodomaa® DocumentationFoodomaa® Support PortalFoodomaa® Community Forum

5-Star Review
5-Star Review
5-Star Review

$99 for Regular license - $699 for Extended License

Payment Gateways​

Payment Gateways

  • Stripe 3D Secure with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Stripe iDEAL payment for Netherlands
  • Stripe FPX payment for Malaysia
  • Cash On Delivery payment
  • MercadoPago payment for Brazil
  • PayStack payment for Africa
  • RazorPay payment for India
  • PayPal payment gateway
  • PayMongo payment for Philippines
  • Flutterwave payment for Africa
  • Khalti payment for Nepal

Experience the Fastest Web Application 100/100 Speed
Experience the Fastest Web Application 100/100 Speed

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