Filtered Hoppers

Free MC Plugin Filtered Hoppers 1.8.0
GUI-based hopper filters: white- or blacklist items for individual hoppers, using a custom item!

GUI based hopper filters!

Filter hopper 1

Filtered Hoppers allows your players to craft a custom item with which they can control what items a hopper should be able to pickup. This allows you to get rid of complicated redstone systems to build storage sorting systems, while also improving your server's performance! Just see the video below

  • Restrict individual hoppers by whitelisting or blacklisting certain items
  • Craft a custom item(100% configurable, including custom model data) that can be used to change every hopper's filtering settings
    • If you don't want to use a custom item, you can also use shift+right+click to access the hopper GUI. Check out items.yml!
  • Whitelist or blacklist items based on material, or by using the "exact match" setting, which also takes custom item names, lore, custom model data, etc. into account
    • Can be changed per hopper and per item
  • 100% configurable GUI! You can change every single item, its position, name, custom model data, etc.
  • Reduces lag and frustration by avoiding huge redstone mechanisms
  • Supports all protection plugins: Players can only change a hopper's filtering setting when they would also have access to open the hopper's inventory
  • Works fine with all kinds of containers, water ways, etc - don't worry about all the console errors you might have gotten from similar plugins!
  • No usage of NMS methods - the plugin will work on all current and future versions from 1.16.3 and above
  • Many more features will be added in the future!

FilteredHoppers runs on Spigot and all of its forks. Please note that, when you are using Paper or one of Paper's forks, you must not disable the InventoryMoveItemEvent in your paper.yml file, otherwise plugins will not be notified about hoppers moving stuff around.
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