FancyWaystones - Waystones and Waypoints - The Best Teleporter and Location Marker Plugin

Free MC Plugin FancyWaystones - Waystones and Waypoints - The Best Teleporter and Location Marker Plugin 1.0.93
Teleport using Waystones | Find Location using Waypoints | Supports ItemsAdder, Oraxen, MMOCore, etc

(Furnace Booster - Crops Booster - Spawner Booster - Custom Potion Effects)

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FancyWaystones is a spigot plugin that allows your players to teleport fairly to another location. It uses economy (Vault/Level/Item) to teleport the player. The cost is calculated by distance.

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  • Teleport using economy
    Fairly charge the player for the teleportation they had.
  • Private Waystone
    Only the waystone placer can use the waystone. Perfect for hiding secret base.
  • Regional Waystone
    Only allow players that have build access to the place where the waystone is placed. Supports any land protection plugin (i.e Factions, SkyBlock, Plot, etc.)
  • Public Waystone
    A kind of waystone that allows everyone to access the place but requires the player to activate the waystone.
  • Server Waystone
    A waystone that is always loaded on your server, accessible by everyone, and does not require the player to activate the waystone in order to use it.
  • Craftable Waystone
    Allows survival players to craft their own waystone.
  • Warm-Up
    Prevent teleport spam by adding 5 seconds (configurable) warm-up and will cancel if the player moved.
  • Sound and Particle Animation for Warm-Up and Post Teleport
    More fancy and awesome waystone.
  • Death Book
    A book that can teleport a player to their last death location. The player will be teleported to the nearest safe place and will be given a few seconds to be invincible so they cannot be attacked by anyone.
  • Teleport Book
    A book that can teleport the player to a waystone location. The difference between using the waystone and this book is this book does not cost you anything (Money/Level/Item) but it is only useable once. After that, you need to craft it again.
  • Custom Model
    The default waystone model looks boring, you want to tweak the waystone model, or do you want to add more waystone models? Well sure! You can create your own custom model and have the recipe for each custom model. Also supports ItemsAdder and Oraxen Item. (This feature available since 1.0.13)
  • MySQL Support
    Waystone data and player data can be saved in MySQL storage. (This feature available since 1.0.20)
  • BungeeCord Support
    Allows your players to teleport between servers using Waystones. (This feature available since 1.0.20)
  • Custom Waystone Type
    Create your own waystone type with custom rules and behaviors. (This feature available since 1.0.20)
  • Custom Resource Pack Model
    This plugin supports Oraxen and ItemsAdder. (This feature available since 1.0.21)
  • Velocity Support
    Allows your players to teleport between servers using Waystones (read more about velocity here). (This feature available since 1.0.25)
  • Custom Structures
    Generate custom natural waystone structures in your world. (This feature available since 1.0.28)
  • MythicMobs Support
    Allows you to use MythicMob items as the economy. (This feature available since 1.0.28)

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Show plugin version
/waystone give [player] <environment> <type> <model> [amount]

Give waystone item(s) to a player
/waystone giveBook [player] <death|teleportation> [amount]

Give book(s) to a player
/waystone reload
Reload the configuration
/waystone info
Shows info about the plugin (including the servers that are registered on the proxy side of FancyWaystones)
/waystone introduce
Manually introduce the server to the proxy you are connected on.
/waystone wand
Give a wand tool to select pos 1 and pos 2 ( just like world edit ).
/waystone pos1
Set pos 1 based on your position.
/waystone pos2
Set pos 2 based on your position.
/waystone saveStructure
Save your selection into a structure file.
/waystone testStructure
Place a structure on your position.
/waystone listStructure
List all structures loaded on your server.
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