✅ 》ElementalGems [1.8-1.19] Gem Shops, Upgrades, API, Rewards, Hex Colors & More!《 ✅

Free MC Plugin ✅ 》ElementalGems [1.8-1.19] Gem Shops, Upgrades, API, Rewards, Hex Colors & More!《 ✅ v1.8.4
The #1 Currency System on the market!

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The #1 currency system on the market!
For a full list of features this plugin contains, visit the main page on mc-market:

ElementalGems is a new currency based off "Gems", which can be earned from killing mobs, killing players, mining blocks, farming, and from fishing! Gems can be used to purchase exclusive items from the Gem Shop or to purchase upgrades to receive special perks from the Gem Upgrades! All of this can be easily customized within the config files. This fun new resource is lightweight and includes a variety of highly customizable features, including placeholders, offline support, and MySQL support!

Perfect for Factions, Skyblock, Prisons, Kitpvp, and every other gamemode!

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  • Gem Shop(s)
  • Gem Upgrades
  • Multiple ways to receive gems
  • Automated Gem Drops (Perfect for grinders!)
  • Automatically redeem gems
  • Withdraw Gems
  • Add Gems to a player's account
  • Remove Gems from a player's account
  • Give Gems to a player in-game
  • Set the amount of Gems in a player's account
  • Pay Gems to another player
  • Disable certain shops
  • Setup permissions for people to access certain shops
  • Send drop messages through the action bar instead of the player's chat
  • Set gems to be dropped at a random amount based off the amount defined in the config (Also hooks into upgrades)
  • Execute commands upon purchasing an item in the gem shop
  • Option to give the item being displayed upon item purchase
  • And so much more!
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