MC Plugin Disguise+ 2.6.6
Disguise is a next generation skin and nick changing plugin.





Disguise+ is the next-gen skin and nick changer. It is a fast, user-friendly plugin that allows you to change the way you look in-game.
It works on both cracked and premium servers, which makes it a go-to when it comes to these types of plugins.

This plugin depends on DisguiseAPI.

With some of its' amazing features, Disguise is a must-have on your server.
Our database currently consists of 6500 skins and is growing every day.
We provide an easy way for players to change their skins, while also maintaining a professional look through our GUI.
While some other plugins may be similar, our product stands out in both quality and performance.


  • Over 6500+ skins, growing every day!​
  • Ability to choose specific ranks when disguising, just like on Hypixel.​
  • Provides support for both cracked and premium servers.
  • Make custom categories with different skin packs inside of them.
  • Add different skins to skin packs and save them.
  • Load custom skins by providing a URL.​
  • Asynchronous actions that make the plugin lag-free.
  • Fully configurable messages.
  • Supports 1.8 - 1.19.1!
  • And much more!


Disable VPN/Proxy for a Better Experience
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