☠️DamageIndicator☠️ | Customisable Damage Indicator - Multicolor Support & 100% Lagless

Free MC Plugin ☠️DamageIndicator☠️ | Customisable Damage Indicator - Multicolor Support & 100% Lagless 1.5.0
A high performance packet-based damage indicator


A high performance packet-based damage indicator

DamageIndicator is an extensive and feature-rich healthbar manager for Minecraft servers. It provides a system to display damage dealt to enemies solely using packets, which means no actual armor stand entities will be spawned. DamageIndicator is also completely server-side so no additional mods are required by your players. The high-performance packet spawning and flexible configuration makes DamageIndicator extremely suitable for large PvP or Survival servers.

  • Highly configurable
    • Modify damage indicator offset, speed and duration
    • Edit all indicator colours to your liking
      • Each damage range can be a different colour group
      • The colour of every character in colour group can be customised
    • Support for bold, italics and rainbow mode
    • Global toggle for heal indicators in addition to damage indicators
  • No setup required
    • Default offset and colour values have been extensively tested on large servers
    • Comes with 10 unique colour groups for all indicators to provide more variation
    • Simply drag & drop the plugin to get started
  • Cross-version compatibility
    • Supports all Minecraft versions from 1.8 - 1.18.2
    • Incompatible versions will fallback to use invisible armor stands instead of breaking the plugin
  • Per-player & per-world toggle support
    • Allow players to disable client-side indicator packets via a command
      • Useful to preserve FPS on low-end setups and for experienced PvP players who do not need indicators
    • Admins can completely disable indicators in specific worlds
      • Useful for non-PvP worlds or in fast-paced gamemodes like NoHitDelay
  • High-performance
    • DamageIndicator was built with performance in mind
    • No performance issues on servers with up to 100+ players
    • Perfect for large PvP or Survival servers
  • 100% packet-based
    • DamageIndicator uses purely packets to send indicators to players
    • Hugely boosts performance as no armor stand entities are actually spawned
    • No floating armor stands will remain in the world if your server crashes



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