DailyBonus [1.7 - 1.16] - Increase player retention

Free MC Plugin DailyBonus [1.7 - 1.16] - Increase player retention 3.2.9
Reward players for joining multiple days in a row with better rewards for each consecutive day!

NOTICE: All default configuration values are based on 1.8. This means if you are attempting to use 1.9 or above you will have to modify the config to use updated values before anything will work.



You may be wondering what is Daily Bonus? Daily Bonus is a plugin focused on giving players an incentive to join your server every day. With this plugin you can easily reward players for continually returning giving them better rewards for the longer the streak!

Created and compiled with Java 8
Support for versions earlier than Spigot 1.7.10 will not be provided


Some of just many features that this plugin includes are:

- MySQL support for cross server syncing
- Completely automated
- Set an unlimited amount of rewards
- Set clickable NPC's
- Customize the menu items, names etc.
- Click to receive rewards
- Choose from 5 menu designs
- Well designed menu
- Required playtime check
- IP single claim protection
- Unique permission rewards
- Specialized player checks
- Auto opens on join (if reward available)
- Can view daily progression menu with command
- Autosaves timers on server stop
- Initializes timers on server start
- Adjustable delay timer
- Reminder messages (if reward available)
- Editable menu lores
- PlaceholderAPI & MVdWPlaceholder integration
- Updating lore placeholders
- Action based rewards
- JavaScript action integration
- Vault economy support
- Custom received lore
- And much more!


The plugin does not feature too many commands as it is all mainly automated by the plugin itself using events. These are the current commands featured in this plugin.

Command: /dailybonus - opens the bonus menu
Permission: dailybonus.menu.open

Command: /dailybonus test <reward #> - tests the actions for the specific reward

Command: /dailybonus reset <player name> - resets the players day count
Permission: dailybonus.admin
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