ComplexTurrets | Defend Yourself using Turrets! [1.8-1.19]

Premium MC Plugin ComplexTurrets | Defend Yourself using Turrets! [1.8-1.19] 3.7.1
Mechanic in which users can place and upgrade Turrets to defend themselves against enemies!


This plugin allows players on your server to place multiple types of defensive turrets to maintain their homes/territories secured while attacking monsters, animals or even other players. These turrets will constantly attack enemies and keep them away from your lands. On the other hand, you can place a healing turret, which will heal nearby allies.

What makes ComplexTurrets worth it, is that you can create YOUR OWN turrets and modify a lot of their configurations including: Structure, particle effects, sounds, damage, speed, actions and more. Turrets are upgradeable by using money or items so turrets will have better stats on higher levels. Finally, ComplexTurrets has support with different Clans/Guilds plugins so turrets won't shoot allies from the same clan.

ComplexTurrets is the premium version of my plugin DefensiveTurrets



- ✓ Create your own Turrets with different properties:
  • Structure (Blocks, height)
  • Shoot Type (Instant or Parabolic)
  • Target (Enemies or Allies)
  • Attack Priority (Closest or Health)
  • Particle Effects
  • Sound Effects
  • Upgrades
- ✓ Multiple Turret upgrades properties:
  • Speed
  • Range
  • Min-Max damage
  • Min-Max heal
  • Turret health
  • Splash radius
  • Max targets
  • Accuracy
  • Critical hit
  • Damage reduction formula
  • Shield reduction
  • Money cost
  • Items cost
  • Action on hit entities (potion effects, set on fire, knockback)
  • Custom upgrade items
- ✓ 4 Default turrets (Burst, Siege, Healing and Slowness)
- ✓ Turret inventory
- Completely configurable inventory
- ✓ Player whitelist per turret
- ✓ Target entities options per turret
- ✓ Ammunition for turrets
- ✓ Infinite ammunition option
- ✓ Damage turrets by explosions or using bows
- ✓ Enable turret only when owner is online
- ✓ Minimum distance between turrets
- Place turrets only in own WorldGuard regions
- ✓ Per turrets permissions
- ✓ Turret limit permissions
- Custom model data for all turret items
- ✓ Hit holograms and information holograms (using HolographicDisplays or CMI)
- ✓ Ally Protection compatibility with other plugins:

  • Towny
  • Clans
  • Lands
  • Better Teams
  • Gangs+
  • Simple Clans
  • Saber Factions
  • FactionsUUID
  • Ultimate Clans
  • Kingdoms
- ✓ Command to verify for errors in the plugin
- ✓ Migrate player data from DefensiveTurrets
- ✓ Improved performance
- ✓ Works in 1.8+


Spigot or Paper (not craftbukkit)
2. NBTAPI (To create items,
3. Vault + Economy plugin (Optional, to upgrade money using money,
4. HolographicDisplays (Optional, to use hit and information holograms, or CMI (

To install the plugin on your server place the plugins ComplexTurrets, and NBTAPI inside your plugins folder and start your server. Examples turret files will be generated in the turrets folder, you can use them as a reference or delete them.

Use the /ct give <turret> <player> command to receive a Turret Block. You can use the command from the console. Remember to use a valid turret name. If there is a file called Burst.yml, then the turret name is just "Burst".

2. Place the Turret Block on the ground and right click it. A settings inventory will be opened associated with this turret. Here you can upgrade the turret to have better stats, add whitelisted players, enable or disable attacking entities and add ammunition.


3. Default turrets require ammunition to shoot so you must access the Ammunition inventory on the turret and enable the Infinite Ammo option (This item will only appear if you are an administrator or have the required permission). You can also give you ammunition by using the following command: /ct giveammo <turret> <player> <amount> Ammunition items are placed on the same inventory like the image below.


4. Now you need to enable the turret in the previous inventory. If you want to add ammunition again, you have to disable the turret.

5. You can create your own turrets or modify the default ones, here is an example of a turret config file.


To a proper understanding of the plugin check the wiki below. Here you will find the whole plugin explained in detail.

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