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⛏ Test server [1.18.1]


✔ Bored of 1.8.8 servers?
- Yes

✔ Are you bored of playing in version 1.8.8 of minecraft?
- Yes

✔ Is it monotonous to play in a version that is already 6 years old?
- Yes

This setup is for you!
The new classic setup that I offer you contains a lot of content in the latest stable version of minecraft.


» 26 exclusive menus
» Configurable banners
» 6 Kits
» Custom plots "depends on PlotsquaredV6"
» Item shop
» Auction house
» Bar "Sale of drinks with long effects"
» Mining area "unlockable with experience"
» Spawners and eggs shop
» RandomTp
» CombatLog
» Scoreboard "depends on kiteboard"
» Unlockable skills for your users
» Custom tab "HEX Colors"
» Tag per rank "HEX Colors"
» Custom Chat "HEX Colors"
» Jobs
» Auction upgrade shop
» Base version 1.17.1
» End zone "unlockable with ender eyes"
» Anti tab "protect your plugins"
» 4 Crates with different prizes
» Missions
» Top millionaires
» Server optimization "stable tps"
» Only 34 "super light server" plugins
» Luckperms the best permission plugin
» New market zone
» New Holograms
» Language system
» Shops with interactive panels


The citadel of the lobby where you can find various public areas, shops and npc, which will make your users' experience on the server easier and easier.



26 Completely exclusive menus




Author FateKid
5,910 pts

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