Chest Protect ⭕ Container Lock Protection Plugin ✅ Entities GUI Management - 1.21 Support

MC Plugin Chest Protect ⭕ Container Lock Protection Plugin ✅ Entities GUI Management - 1.21 Support 5.18.3
Protect chests, doors, furnaces, all blocks, GUI based, Flags, Economy, Full customizable


Chest Protect Plugin Features​

  • Powerful and full customisation
    • Best performance
      • ChestProtect is provided to provide the best performance
      • Only necessary data will be cached
      • Actions are well optimised
    • Edit all messages
      • You can even send messages as:
        • Chat message and / or
        • Title and / or
        • Actionbar
    • Edit all GUI things
      • Item names
      • Item lores
      • Item slots
      • Item materials
    • Many configuration options
      • Set default settings for players
      • Set default settings for protections
      • Customise the creation of an protection
      • Set requirements for an protection
      • Set notifications
      • Interact with other plugins
    • Multiworld support
      • Allow protections in multiple worlds
    • Edit every protection in an intuitive GUI
      • There's an GUI for everything
      • No commands needed
  • Optimised and powerful system
    • Role restrictions
      • Allow / disallow actions for every single protections for specific roles
      • Assign settings to specific roles
      • Set defaults in config
      • Permissions
    • Protection settings
      • Enable / disable settings for every single protection to fit your individual needs
      • Set defaults in config
      • Permissions
    • Protection creation
      • Setting to auto protect protect able block
        • Blocks can be set in config
  • Entity Locking Support
    • Lock / Protect every entity you want
      • Supports all features like chest protection (trust players etc.)
  • Visualise nearby protections
    • /Protect view will do the magic
    • Multiple colours to indicate relation to protection
  • Huge GUI
    • Edit all your protections in an well designed GUI
    • Best performance
    • No commands needed
    • Multi pages supported
    • Edit GUI sizes
    • You can even add new protection types to the GUI
    • Edit all items
      • Edit all materials
      • Edit all names
      • Edit all lores
      • Edit all slots
    • Edit everything
  • Easy to understand
    • Players don't need to struggle with annoying commands
    • Good easy to understand concept
  • Trust players
    • Trust players in an specific protection or all your protections
    • Offline players are supported
    • Set max members per protection
  • Set roles
    • Set roles for players and edit restrictions
  • Economy
    • Vault supported
    • Well optimised
    • Many options
    • Set cost increase
    • Set cashback
    • Set taxes via GUI
    • Different tax modes
    • Different modes
    • Item based economy option
      • Works without Vault
      • You can enable / disable this
  • Delete inactive players
    • Delete protections of inactive players
      • Option to set new owner of protection instead of deleting it
      • Option to disable / enable this
    • Untrust inactive players from protections
      • Option to disable / enable this
  • Permissions
    • Numbered permissions
      • Set max protections
      • Set max members per protection
      • Give players x amount of free protections (no costs)
    • Staff permission to allow bypassing protections or edit other players protections
      • Full GUI support
  • Admin commands / actions
    • Force trusting players in other players protections
    • Force untrusting players in other players protections
    • Edit protections or players in an huge GUI
    • Delete players
    • Synchronise default protection or role settings to all protections
    • Console support
  • Optimized Command System
    • Tab completion
      • Sub commands are also supported
    • Help pages
      • Will only list commands you have access to
      • Automatic page creation and calculation
  • Dynmap Support
    • Display Protections on your Dynmap
  • Placeholders for PlaceholderAPI
    • Available placeholders:
      • chestprotect_protections
        • Number of protections
      • chestprotect_protections_max
        • Number of max protections
  • Huge API
    • Implement you own ideas into ChestProtect
    • Implement features of ChestProtect into your plugin
  • Import data from other plugins
    • Import claims from other plugins to ChestProtect
      • Currently supported:
        • LWC
        • Your current lock plugin isn't listed? Let me know!
  • Supports Claim/Skyblock Plugins
    • All claim or skyblock plugins support that blocks can not be locked in claimed areas where the player is not trusted. The listed plugins below just provide special features.
    • Special Features support (toggleable):
      • Allow area moderators to open protections
      • Only allow lock creation in area
      • Delete protections on unclaim
      • Currently supported:
        • Lands
        • SuperiorSkyblock2
        • BentoBox
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