⭐ Cardinal ⭐ ~ The all in one Server Plugin! ⋙ Anti Cheat ~ Report GUI ~ Moderation And much more! ⋘

Free MC Plugin ⭐ Cardinal ⭐ ~ The all in one Server Plugin! ⋙ Anti Cheat ~ Report GUI ~ Moderation And much more! ⋘ 1.4.12
⋙ Anti Cheat ~ AntiBot ~ Moderation ~ Optimization ~ And much more! ⋘




Moderation - Management






Cardinal's main purpose is Moderation, It provides every needed Player Management Tool Including a Report System where your players are Able to make Reports via a Customizable GUI, While your staff members are able to Review them via a GUI or directly from a File.

For a Complete List, Make sure to check out Cardinal's Settings.yml

Anti Cheat - Exploits


Cardinal has a built in Anti Cheat and Exploit Protection that is designed to work on Top of another one, Cardinal's checks are mostly aimed towards Combat and you could even use this as a standalone Semi - Anti Cheat

Cardinal's Anti Cheat has a Module which uses Machine Learning (Artificial Neural Network) Collecting combat data in order to analyze whether a player is cheating or not.

Cardinal comes with an already Trained Model however it's very easy to train a model yourself!

You can find more information about it on our Wiki Page

For a Complete List, Make sure to check out Cardinal's Checks.yml

95% of Cardinal's Checks run on Packet Level

Cardinal can hook into your Server's Anti Cheat in order to add violations and enhance your protection!

Supported AntiCheats:


*I Found an X Y Z Bypass!*

Cardinal is Not an Anti Cheat Plugin, I'm unable to add Very Strong checks due to the Nature of the plugin, I wan't to keep Cardinal's Anti Cheat as Lightweight and Stable as possible in order for it to be compatible with other Anti Cheats.

Not compatible with CAC (Cardinal Anti-Cheat)

Does your Anti Cheat have an API?
Let me know so i can add a hook for it!

This is not an Anti Cheat plugin!



These days, Most of the things that an *Anti-Lag* Plugin does, Are already configurable inside your spigot.yml.

Having a constant Clearing task can also be quite unpleasant for your Players.

With some configuration, And by using Cardinal's Optimization Tools, You're able to prevent the main causes of Lag without affecting the Player's Gameplay Experience.

Anti Bot


Cardinal has a Built In Anti Bot along with some basic VPN Protection, This is very useful especially if your Server is running in Offline Mode, Where Bot Attacks are the most common issues.

With Cardinal you're Able to sync all the Important events with your Discord Server by using a Webhook, This will only work for Cardinal related events such as the /cardinal alert Command.

For a Complete List, Make sure to check out Cardinal's Config.yml

Titles - Actionbars


Cardinal has the ability to let you send Title and Actionbar messages to all or a specific Player.



Cardinal comes with a Built In GUI Menu where you're able to Configure some of Cardinal's Functions and Modules.

More to come!


Cardinal has a very easy to use API, You can learn more about it on our Wiki Page.


Cardinal requires ProtocolLib

Feel free to Test this plugin yourself by Joining our Test Server!



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