BuildSystem [1.8-1.20]

MC Plugin BuildSystem [1.8-1.20] 2.24.1
× Easy to use system for builders, with lots of great features


BuildSystem is a simple but powerful - as the name already says - system for builders, with lots of great features for everyday usage.
Manage worlds in the worlds navigator, change their permission, projects and status with ease.
And not to forget: let each player decide which settings whey think are best for them and now the building can start!

» Please read the entire page before buying the plugin! «


You can find a full guide with tutorials, commands and permissions *here*



Easily create custom worlds, even from templates


Change item in the world navigator with /worlds setItem <World>


Create per player worlds

  • 100% customisable messages and scoreboard​
  • Powerful navigator which allows for an overview of all worlds. Extra GUIs for:
    • Not Started, In Progress, Almost Finished and Finished maps​
    • Maps that have been put to the Archive
    • Private player maps: Each player can create their own map, if a map with their name doesn't exist​
  • Create worlds with ease: When creating a world, choose from:
    • Predefined worlds or
    • Custom generators provided by 3rd party plugins or
    • Custom templates which you can add yourself​
  • Easily manage your worlds: Choose from over 6 different statuses for each world​
  • When in worlds that are set as finished, the player is invisible and can fly in adventure mode, so they can only have a look without breaking anything [bypass: /build]​
  • Set the permission you need to join a worlds​
  • Change what project each world is for (e.g. "A small BedWars map")​
  • Set the world itemso you can spot them faster among other worlds
    • You can choose from all items that are available in Minecraft​
  • Import, delete and create worlds with ease​
  • New and improved navigator!
    • Not a GUI anymore, but furthermore an interactive navigator​
    • But if you rather have a "normal" GUI, the option is there for you to toggle between the​
  • Per player settings
  • Building tools:
    • Toggle block physics​
    • Custom speed​
    • Receive player skulls​
    • Change the time in a world with only a single command​
    • Toggle double slab breaking​
    • NoClip​
    • Open iron doors and iron trapdoors​
    • Night vision​
    • Disable interactions with certain blocks​
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