MC Plugin BettingGames 2.4.2
Casino games, inspired by CS:GO gambling, bet money and items ! [1.7-latest] [test server available]



Wondering how to keep your players excited about economy? Or maybe you tried some casino plugins that were incomplete or not customizable enough? In summary, are you looking for a plugin you players will beg you to install?

BettingGames offers a complete suite of gambling games, and is also a compilation of the gambling games available on spigot, with more config options for maximum uniqueness. If you played on 'CS:GO' gambling websites or any similar thing, you'll be familiar with those games!

With 7 different game types and lots of configuration files with an incredible amount of options, you'll be able to create a completely unique casino where some real money can be made. Create your games, your casino GUI (there can be a complex set of in-game GUIs linked together, with items performing commands or leading to custom ranking menus, etc) and start enjoying a new great part of your server's economy.

Let's see what games are available!

Keep in mind that all the demo images available below are the default games available when you first install the plugin. Everything is customizable, the GUI title, items, animation items, texts, win/lose chances, etc. Really everything!

Animated images below seem to not always appear, so there's a link with every gif.


Key points of the plugin :
  • 7 game types (see above). And you can have infinite games (multiple games with the same type, for example 3 jackpots (with different options) and 5 bargambles or coin flips). You can also suggest game ideas and they'll be added if it's good!
  • Create and customize your games. Everything has a configuration option somewhere (game settings, guis, texts, ...).
  • Create custom ranking GUIs for some particular games for example, or with a player limit.
  • Configurable menus system (GUI, inventories) for your players with advanced configuration for every item, such as submenus, games menu, ranking menus, commands, or simply display items.
  • You can bet money and/or items. Items that can be used as a bet are configurable.
  • Furthermore, when it comes to multiplying items (for the Crash game for example, when your bet is multiplied by a certain value), the plugin can "split" items depending on their enchantments.
  • Save player data on disk (with JSON or SQLite) or configuring a MySQL database. There also is a statistics system with a few interesting stats.
  • If you stop the plugin (reload, restart or stop your server), or if a player disconnects, every bet will be refunded and games will be canceled.
  • There are a lot of minor settings like this. Check the wiki!

You can test all of my plugins on my test server! For QuestCreator, this is mainly to test the in-game editor and commands.

IP :
Updated as often as possible to the latest Spigot version.
Author FateKid
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