Free MC Plugin BetterDrops 2.17.1
3D drops with customizable nametags and positions. [1.8 - 1.14.2]

BetterDrops now supports Spigot 1.18.1!

Recommended ProtocolLib build for 1.8 - 1.18.1: Download



All dropped items will be shown as being held by invisible armor stands.

No lag. No duplication bugs.
Focused on performance, extremely low timings.
Custom item names (including renamed items) are supported.
Requires ProtocolLib.

  • Supports Minecraft 1.8 to 1.18.1.​
  • All 3D items are clientside. This means that there are no duplication bugs, because the drops still exist on the server and aren't being overridden, they're just being hidden from the client.​
  • Since the armor stands are clientside, this means that you can still remove the drops using the same commands, such as "/remove drop 50". The items despawn after a few minutes as they usually would.​
  • Does not cause any server lag, most of the plugin's work is done asynchronously, so it won't interrupt the main thread. The server does not tick the armor stands that this plugin uses, only the drops are ticked.​
  • Items will merge. (This depends on Spigot's built-in item merge-radius in spigot.yml; item merging is detected, not performed by BetterDrops)​
  • Items are affected by physics. (They can flow in water!)​
  • Does not conflict with most other plugins (WorldGuard, MoneyMobs, etc) since it doesn't create or destroy any entities server-side. See "Incompatible Plugins" below.​
  • You can configure limits for the maximum amount of 3D drops in an area in order to prevent clientside FPS lag.​
  • Hex colors (1.16+) are supported, you can use them in item names. (#000000 - #FFFFFF)​
  • Works with ProtocolSupport. Clients running 1.7.10 or below will see regular vanilla drops (Armor stands were added in 1.8)​
  • If you want, you can disable the armor stands and name tags will be rendered above regular floating items.​
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