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Huh? BannerBoard free?
For the people who know BannerBoard, this will be a quick explanation of what the current scenario is regarding the plugin. To start with me, it has been years since I did any active Spigot development. Therefore, I find myself struggling to keep BannerBoard updated due to a lack of knowledge about the updates and simply not having enough time. While I have managed to keep BannerBoard updated over the years, I feel like I am no longer engaged with the development "enough" to consider my development "premium". To be clear, I will not take down any resources without notice, nor will I take down skinrender without notice because I understand that servers might rely on this.

My goal for BannerBoard has never been to make money. To clarify, the skinrender service that can be used with BannerBoard was simply something that needed a host. Hosting this was costly (and still is), as it processes hundreds of render requests per minute from many of your servers. For that reason, I made BannerBoard freely available a long time ago already via a link on the old resource page, while only having the premium aspect for covering the costs regarding skinrender and providing support.

With the 1.17 update now public, I feel like I cannot do this update within a reasonable time. For that reason, I will not be personally updating BannerBoard to Spigot 1.17. However, it is not that I want you to stop using BannerBoard. Therefore, I have made the BannerBoard source public via the link attached to this resource. I think the updates wouldn't be an enormous job for anyone still engaged in Spigot development. Therefore, I encourage anyone who likes to create a fork of my work and continue as they wish. I will keep a list of known forks below.
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But wait, I paid and this is unfair!
If you previously purchased the BannerBoard resource, the terms clearly stated there were no guarantees for future updates. The terms also stated the following;

"BannerBoard itself is a free plugin and can be downloaded here under the GNU General Public License V3. Source code is available on request by email. By purchasing this resource, you get skinrender access and support the owner of the PayPal account that is linked to this resource at the moment of purchase."

So, if you purchased the premium resource before, you would get skinrender access and support. You still have this, so nothing has changed in this aspect. Even though I do not entirely agree that making BannerBoard public this way is unfair, if you feel that way because you purchased BannerBoard only very recently, please feel free to reach out via email at [email protected] and we will see if we can find a solution that works for the both of us. However, I do not give any guarantees here, as hosting costs still have to be covered, as I explained previously.


Update: As of the latest version BannerBoard has support for banners on the ground and floor! :O
(Only supported by 1.13 clients)

A full documentation of the plugin's inbuilt renderers can be found here.

BannerBoard can show different banners to different players. You can also put the skin of the player on a banner!

As of version 1.7.0 BannerBoard also supports changing banners. Please note that for performance reasons I recommend not to set the update interval to lower than 30 seconds.

BannerBoard does not support animations. So it doesn't support .gif files either.

BannerBoard is not compatible with any Spigot 1.7 build or lower.

Are you looking for an awesome way to communicate with your players personally? Please keep reading!

BannerBoard does not require any client side modifications. Everything is run on the server side.

PlaceholderAPI support was added in version 1.3.5.

What is BannerBoard?
BannerBoard uses maps to render images in your server as banners. BannerBoard banners are dynamically rendered when a player logs in. Thank donators or encourage new players to visit your shop? It's possible! The possibilities are endless and BannerBoard is easy to use with its powerful and user friendly configuration. The rendered images are 128 x 128 pixels per block, that’s a higher quality than most resource packs are!

Performance is of great importance for every server owner, that is exactly this plugin was made with that in mind. Not only does the image rendering happen entirely on separated threads, but also is the BannerBoard color picking system more than twenty times faster than the inbuilt Spigot color picking system.

  • Spigot 1.8 or higher.
  • Images are cached on startup. Depending on how many images you have, I’d say the amount of memory this plugin uses is a few megabytes plus the size of your /images/ folder.
  • A decent internet connection. Also make sure to enable packet compression at a threshold of 256 or less bytes. If you have packet compression disabled, make sure to turn it on. It is enabled by default.
  • At least two cores so the main thread won’t suffer from the BannerBoard render threads.
  • Java 7 or higher.
BannerBoard is highly configurable. The config is very powerful and easy to use. If you can't figure out how it works, please check the video below about BannerBoard.
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