MC Plugin AutoShulker 3.5.0
Craft shulker boxes that automatically collect certain drops!

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Have shulker boxes automatically collect certain drops!

(Note: this description is still to be updated)

AutoShulkers adds an awesome new feature: shulker boxes can automatically pickup certain drops! Just grab a shulker box and cram into to a crafting table, together with a book and all the blocks the shulker box should collect. Whenever you have your shulker box in your inventory, all defined drops that you pickup will automatically be stored inside the shulker box! Check out the video at the top to see it in action!

It is also possible to add new block types to an existing AutoShulker, but you have to use a new book for the crafting recipe. If you want the box to behave like a normal shulker box again, just remove the book from inside the shulker box.

You are mining, but your inventory gets filled up with all those useless blocks like cobblestone, diorite, andesite, etc? Just get 2 or 3 shulkerboxes and have them automatically collect all that useless stuff! You inventory will now only contain all the fancy diamonds etc. while the useless stones will be collected in your shulkerboxes!

Crafting recipes
All crafting recipes are explained in this short video:


Allows to use AutoShulker boxes

Allows to use Garbage boxes

Allows to craft AutoShulker boxes

Allows to craft Garbage boxes
Default configuration
You can view the default configuraiton here. AutoShulkers includes an automatic config updater, so you will always have the latest config version without having readd your changes from previous versions.
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