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Free MC Plugin AntiAura v2 » Reliable Cheat Detection » Machine Learning 0.3.0
An effective and reliable cheat detection plugin for your server.

Welcome to AntiAura!
's mission is to provide users with an effective anti-cheat plugin without the high price - utilizing a combination of machine learning, player analysis and packet listeners to catch a wide range of Minecraft cheats.

Cheats blocked by AntiAura

AntiAura blocks the vast majority of detectable Minecraft cheats, including...

Machine Learning
AntiAura utilizes the power of Machine Learning to detect killaura, which utilizes the machine learning library DeepLearning4j. This allows for the analysis of player attack patterns, watching for patterns commonly used by killauras!

Command-based configuration
AntiAura has a configuration that you can edit through commands ingame! This means that any tweaks or adjustments you wish to make, simply type the '/aconfig <checkname>' command and you can edit all paremeters related to the check.

Replay System
Not sure if a player was actually hacking? Simply use the replay system! Type '/areplay <playername>' to replay the past 10 seconds of movement the player made before hacking was detected, assisting you in ensuring that punishments are legitimate.

BungeeCord compatible
Do you want to punish players from your BungeeCord ban plugin? Well, now you can! Click here to read all about AntiAura's BungeeCord compatibility.

AntiAura performs as many calculations as possible off of the main thread, known as asynchronous processing, which helps to keep the gameplay experience as smooth as possible for your players!

AntiAura is affordable, at only £10. For this cost, almost all hacks on your Minecraft server will be blocked. All updates are completely free, so you will be protected against the latest hacks!​
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