MC Plugin AnimatedNames 8.0.0a
Animated tag prefix, suffix and score under name (works with other scoreboard plugins)


Recommended refresh speed is 15 ticks. However I advise animations of 20 ticks. You can go lower depending on your server hardware (IT WILL NEVER LAGG YOUR SERVER, but it can cause slight flicker)


This supports the Tab Plugin (to enable turn off tab-colors in the config and restart)

Price has 21% VAT included according to EU regulations. Companies with a valid Tax ID can contact [email protected] to request an invoice for tax reports

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Everyone knows nametag right? A plugin that adds a prefix and suffix to your name and everyone knows the scoreboard under the name (bit boring if it isn't relevant information). This plugin enhances both the prefix, suffix and the scoreboard under the name.


You have 3 options you can configure.
  • An animated prefix that can be whatever placeholder(s) you like that is not larger then 256 characters (1.13 or higher) or 16 characters (lower than 1.13)
    This can be an animation you create yourself line by line or a preset effect (for fast prototyping)
  • An animated suffix that can be whatever placeholder(s) you like that is not largerthen 256 characters (1.13 or higher) or 16 characters (lower than 1.13)
    This can be an animation you create yourself line by line or a preset effect (for fast prototyping)
  • A scoreboard under the player. Every placeholder that is a number can be shown. You can even loop through multiple stats or placeholders. The text behind the score(number) however is static for every player.
    It is not possible to use textual placeholders under the name. I removed this feature due to lack of performance and being buggy.
  • You can not change the name itself (only prefix/suffix/name below)
The prefix and suffix can be configured multiple times in different groups so you can give Administrators different animations then normal members.

I give a great deal about performance. In the past I made a lot of plugins that did cool things,.. but I would never use them myself since I don't have the best hardware out there. TitleAdvanced, Tab, ActionBar and this one are plugins that are focused on performance rather then features (despite having a lot of features).

Keep in mind that there are some limitations:
- Invisibility potions will hide the player but not the name tag (this is a minecraft issue I can't fix)
- The name itself can't be changed
- The prefix/suffix name below applies to all players with that name. This incudes NPC's.
- The name below will appear on all players and npcs
- The number below is always white and has a space behind it
- you can't use multiline effects in name below
- Only Spigot or CraftBukkit are supported
- As mentioned above already (but once more) the score below the name consist of a white number in front and a static text that applies to all players at the back (so don't use placeholders that are player specific)
- As mentioned above already: The score below the name can not be altered meaning you can't use color codes or effects.

- MVdWPlaceholderAPI 2


  • Have a color rainbow name (by putting a color as prefix)
  • Show factions name in front of name (or behind)
  • Show towny name in front of name (or behind)
  • Show mcMMO levels or XP under the name
  • Show Factions power level under the name
  • Show GriefPrevention claimblocks count under the name
  • Show how many times the player has played under the name
  • Show VoteParty votes under the name
  • And lots more numeric placeholders...

What makes this plugin worth the price?
  • Those who know me from other plugins know that I value performance. This plugin won't cause lagg even with higher refresh intervals due to a 3 level refresh cycle that will prepare packets of animations on demand.
  • There are no such plugins out there that animated it like this
  • Lots and lots of placeholders to choose from. I know the size is limited but most placeholders are useful for the score or as prefix,suffix.
  • Good support. Those who've seen me or requested features/problems on other plugins know that I try my best to reply as fast as possible and in case of a bug to fix it as fast as possible.
  • Future updates. I am not going somewhere
  • Continues testing both with computers as people: I hire people to test plugins in 'strange' ways (black and whitebox testing) on mayor updates. Also all my plugins are continuously checked with the latest spigot versions to notify me of any problems.
  • Tab support: A lot of plugins in 1.8 do not show the prefix in the tab. I understand that in time they will update but its worth mentioning.
  • Delivering something that looks simple from the outside, but is big when you open it. I try to make to the configs of all my plugins look the same (even if that makes it harder to implement it for me) just because I find it useless to create a different config for a plugin that looks similar from the outside (the thing the user sees)
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