Aegis - The best BungeeCord fork

MC Plugin Aegis - The best BungeeCord fork 9.2.1
The most powerful AntiBot & AntiCrash. The new era of stress tools prevention. [1.7-1.17.1]


Aegis is the most powerful and advanced bungeecord fork you could ever hear about.

Why you should choose us?
I'm a professional software developer with 4 years experience. In the past I was doing "stress/crash/exploit" similar tools, so I know exactly how to prevent them. I also own 4 big minecraft servers, very popular in my country and none of them has been ever crashed.
Also, I have a lot of polish friends that also own big minecraft servers (1,000 - 5,000 players networks) and they are also using Aegis.

It is the best solution against bot, crash and exploit attacks. Including ping attacks, bungee smashers, null pings, slow bots, AI bots and much more.
  • We protect your server against EVERY BungeeCord/Proxy side/layer attack.
  • We also have A LOT of configurable features like AntiVPN system.
  • It supports 1.7.x - 1.17.x so you don't have to worry about losing any player
  • No 1.7-1.8 disconnect issues while they see each other like with Travertine or HexaCord!
  • Fresh updates! New features, added often!

Our AntiBot blocks every type of bot attacks. Player has to pass a few "login checks" and if we detect an attack, then he has to pass "falling & captcha test" which is 99% impossible for bots. Of course that "captcha thing" happens in our fake-server which is based cached-system which makes it powerfully optimized, efficient and can keep THOUSANDS of bots. (Every bot is disconnected in 30s if he does not pass tests). I have never met a guy that could crash or lag any of my minecraft server and I have 4 of them for about year. In total I have about 1500 players.

Our AntiCrash blocks:
  • BadPacketException (bad packet id, packet id outside of range)
  • QuietException (unexpected packet received during login process)
  • IndexOutOfBounds and similars
  • Oversized packets & too small packets
  • Ping & Handshake floods
  • Invalid login states
  • Every type of nullping & handshake & ping attacks
  • CryptoCrashers, AuthSmashers, Encryption crashers
  • And MUCH more. Want to test it? One of test server is: (my own server with 500+ players, feel free to attack it)
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