☑️ AdvancedMonthlyCrates ☑️ 3D In Person Crate Animations ⚡ Lootboxes + Pouches for Free! ⚡1.8-1.16

Free MC Plugin ☑️ AdvancedMonthlyCrates ☑️ 3D In Person Crate Animations ⚡ Lootboxes + Pouches for Free! ⚡1.8-1.16 1.9.508
Interactible Animations ⭕ Whole New Experience To Opening Crates ⭕ Key Crates ⭕ 1.8-1.16



AdvancedMonthlyCrates is an advanced high-quality player rewarding plugin perfect for every server. It allows players to receive items, permissions commands and prizes in an impactful and memorable way. Players will be keen to show off their loot-boxes to each other.




These is Just a Couple Examples How The Crates Can Look, go to Animations Section to See Even More Animations And Customized Crates!
Advanced Monthly Crates is the most Unique Monthly Crate plugin you can find on the market! Whether that be the awesome Animations or eye opening Effects, this plugin is a great addition to any type of server as well as make a great impression about your server while rewarding your players in the easiest way! This plugin is made for usage of a special crate to reward players for purchasing it on store or simply making a crate opening experience much more memorable.

Currently Available:
  • Round Animation
Spoiler: Round Animation Examples

  • Pyramid Animation
Spoiler: Pyramid Animation Examples

  • Display Animation
Spoiler: Display Animation Examples

  • Round2 Animation
Spoiler: Round2 Animation Examples
Create different pouches that can act as vouchers! Customize it to your liking making it a Money Pouch / Item Pouch / Exp Pouch!
Spoiler: Pouch Example
  • Final Message Letting the User Know What he Received:
    Spoiler: Final Message
  • Best Way to Show Users the Contents of the Crate Through Lores:
    Spoiler: Lore Example
  • Eye catching animations that will leave your players with an awe
  • Incredible Pouches to reward your players with different rewards! Work as Vouchers!
  • Options to choose from how many items will be in the animation!
  • Customizable sounds for every timing of an animation!
  • Pouches having 4 different animation endings!
  • Specify where the crates can only be placed at!
  • Supports Multiple Server Versions [1.8-1.16]
  • Easily fix your crates with the command locating all the errors!
  • Fully customizable messages/settings.
  • Configurations determining how the plugin works!
  • Customize the amount of crates that can be placed at the same time!
  • No external dependencies required!
  • Customize the radius of how close they can be placed!
  • Custom give-all feature with an option to not give crates to alts!
  • Currently available 4 animations with many more coming!
Commands and Permissions
/amc (default)
  • list - Shows a list of all correctly made monthly crates. ; AMC.List
  • give <player> <crate> <amount> - Gives a Monthly Crate to the player. ; AMC.Give
  • sgive <player> <crate> <amount> - Silent Give (Doesn't send a message of receiving a crate) ; AMC.Give
  • giveall <crate> <amount> - Gives everyone on the server a Monthly Crate. ; AMC.GiveAll
  • reload - Reloads all plugins configurations. ; AMC.Reload
  • errors - Sends out why and where MCrates are not configured properly. ; AMC.Errors
  • pouch list - Lists all Available Pouches. ; AMC.PouchList
  • pouch give <player> <pouch> <amount> - Gives a Player the Specified Pouch. ; AMC.PouchGive
  • pouch sgive <player> <pouch> <amount> - Silent Pouch Give (Doesn't send a message of receiving a pouch)

Spoiler: Config examples

Coming Soon!

This plugin supports (paper/taco)spigot 1.8-1.16
If you found any bugs/errors or if you want to request a feature / private animation or if you want to ask any question just contact me at discord:
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