AdvancedLogin (PIN GUI Login)

Free MC Plugin AdvancedLogin (PIN GUI Login) 3.24
The first login-plugin with a GUI where u can type in a PIN


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WORKS ONLY ON 1.8 - 1.17

AdvancedLogin is the first login-plugin that provides a GUI-login with a PIN.
A login-gui has two main advantages to the ordinary"/login mypw123".
First it's much faster to click on 4 Items then to type the whole command and
second it's protected from the known AuthMe-Cracker that can only work with commands
And of course it looks way more awesome

For more features see the feature topic.

We support the %advancedlogin_pin% placeholder from PlaceholderAPI. (Needs to be enabled in AdvancedLogin config.yml)


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Put the .jar in your plugin folder
  3. Reload or restart your server
  4. Check with /plugins if the plugin is loaded
Bungeecord-Server Setup:
If you want to use this plugin on a Bungeecord-Server we recommend to create an extra Login-Server where the User will always be sent to if he logs on the network.

You can specify a server in the config.yml where the user should be sent to if he logs in successfully

You will also have to install the AdvancedLogin BungeeBride on your Bungee Server: which will prevent the user from using the bungeecord chat/commands while logging in.

2 Factor Auth with AuthMe:
If you want an extra layer of protection and use AdvancedLogin together with AuthMe, then follow these steps:

1. Install this version of AuthMe:
(It's basically 5.6.0 but includes fixes so that it works with AdvancedLogin)
2. Go into the AuthMe config and set:
Code (YAML):
UnrestrictedInventories: []
Code (YAML):
- 'login: enter pin'
(or to whatever you configured the login gui title to (no color codes))


/resetpin - Reset the PIN of an user and opens up the LoginGUI.
For User | No Perms
/resetpin [Player] - Reset the PIN of an user and kicks him if he is online
For Admins | al.admin.resetpin
/setpin [Player]- Sets the PIN of an user
For Admins | al.admin.setpin
/alReload - Reloads the data from the config.yml
For Admins | al.admin.reload
/setJoinLoc - Sets the location to which the player will be teleportet during the login
For Admins | al.admin.setloc

al.login | If enabled in the config, only players with this permission get a login-screen
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