AdvancedBCRanks - Great for RPG Servers

Premium MC Plugin AdvancedBCRanks - Great for RPG Servers 2.7.1
RPG Style ranks | Over 5000 optional dependencies! | Highly customizable | Timed ranks

With BCRanks everything is possible, from a rank with 1-2 requirements to a rank with 5000+(and growing daily!) Even timed ranks!

BCRanks was made with survival in mind, but tested in creative.
Meaning that it works in both gamemodes!

With both the default settings and its support list there is nothing that BCRanks cannot do for your ranks!
  • Many Optional Dependencies
  • Many possible Rank Requirements
  • Gui's
  • Over 5000 optional requirements per rank type.
  • Custom Listeners
  • Placeholders in messages
  • Timed ranks(optional)
  • PlaceholderAPI support
  • Full supported plugin list can be found here
- Buy plugin
- Add BCRanks to plugins folder
- Start server, stop server.
- Configurate Tier.yml
- Start server
- /bcranks(Alias:/bcr)
- bcr open (timed/tiers/<tier name>) - Opens corresponding gui.
- bcr add (player) (tier) (rank) - Adds tier + rank to player
- bcr version - Shows the current version
- bcr reload - Reloads the configurations.
- bcranks.tiers.<tier name> - Opens <tier name> gui
- bcranks.add - Used to add a tier + rank to a player
- bcranks.convert(old) - Converts settings.yml to tiers.yml
- bcranks.reload - To reload the configurations
- - Open gui's
- bcranks.setitem - set gui item section

Before requesting a feature check: if its not already under planned additions!

Servers Using this:

This plugin is an indirect yet supported project by SpaceIO(Safarinet, Dropedit1-2 etc). For info on other spaceio related projects feel free to join our discord at the top of the page.
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