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MC Plugin Advanced Mod Request [Ticket Management] - GUI - MySQL - Notifications - HelpOP 6.1.6
Notify, Reply, Flag, Rate, Close and Resolve reports submitted by players! View tickets through UI!

Advanced Mod-request is a plugin meant for the server owner that wants to help players while they are offline or when staff members aren't online! Absolutely no external API's needed! Runs as is, has it's own customization GUI, messages with placeholders, and help list! Create reports, reply to reports, close, open, flag, delete, and so on! Data management is what you need when you want a ticket plugin, and here it is, what are you waiting for, with 99% customization, the sky is the limit!
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- Reply: Both the player that opened a ticket, and a ticket admin can reply to a ticket if they need further details.
- Close/Open: Ability to close a ticket or re-open a ticket on the fly without any issues.
- Flag: Give tickets a higher priority than others to give them more attention to moderators to attempt to resolve the issue.
- Resolve: A resolved ticket allows players to rate their experience, but only if the ticket was closed and an admin left a reply on the ticket.
- Commands: All ticket management can be done with commands, such as opening, closing, flagging and replying to a ticket!
- Move and change item slots in the Info menu as well as change the item according to the tickets status!
- Massive amounts of control when it comes to working on a ticket, quickly teleport to a ticket, check replies and a tickets importance level.
Data Management:
- MySQL: For data management with lite interactions to minimize connection time, and lag time.
- Rating: Allow players to rate how well their experience was on their ticket once!
- Flagging: Give tickets a higher priority or stand out over others, showing a notification when an allowed staff member joins no matter if the ticket is opened or closed!
- PlaceholderAPI: Allowing for hundreds of thousands of placeholders/variables anywhere in the gui!
- Update checker: Get notified when there is a new version available on the plugin page!
- MySQL sync: If you have a multiple connected servers, sync your tickets every so often to keep all servers up to date!
- Categories: Customize your own report categories with a simple config style, and make players choose the category they want to submit a ticket in with a user interface! Lets make tickets great again!
- Importance: Allow players to show how important their ticket is when submitting the ticket with a GUI!
- Notifications: Allows mods to receive notifications when a ticket is created, claimed, and much more with Discord Integration! Also show when a players ticket has an update on a ticket.
- Discord: Full DiscordSRV integration with a `!ticket` discord command, allong with certain ticket importance/categories to go into specific channels along with changeable messages
- Templates: Create templates for new tickets with predetermined message and an optional category and/or importance
- Multi-Server: Support for multiple servers, allowing to connect to the server where the ticket was created
- Filtering: Extensive filtering system, allowing to view tickets by importance, status, and more! (in '/acm list' or '/acm status')
- #1 - Download/Purchase AdvancedModreq.jar
- #2 - Upload AdvancedModreq.jar into your plugins folder
- #3 - Install any Soft Dependencies below so first installation works flawlessly.
- #4 - Reload/Restart your server, configure and execute "/modreq reload" and set!
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