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ACE for XenForo is our answer to what is the most ideal interface and experience for a community.

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ACE for XenForo is our answer to what is the most ideal interface and experience for a community. AC.UI, a theme centered around a simple and performant design, and Feeds, an add-on that allows filtering of dedicated feeds.

Watch our video walking through all the features offered in ACE for XenForo.

This is in beta and will have no support. If you are in need of support, you can get that through our Resources subscription along with our other select products.

AC.UI is built with our tried-and-true UI.X framework for XenForo 2. We have deliberated and meticulously fine-tuned AC.UI until it is truly the most modern and ideal interface for communities and no detail is missed. Every front size was optimized for legibility, every padding was considered, navigation for mobile devices was completely re-worked, and more were altered from base XenForo for the best user experience and discoverability.

To learn more about AC.UI, we shared why we approached it the way we did and more in-depth explanations of its features here.

After years in the forum world, learning what is ideal for forum structure and user experience, we’ve taken the step forward in what a community should be with Feeds.

We wanted to better organize the way users can quickly find and create content, engage with others about topics that are unrelated to the forum subject but at the same time not alienate users that prefer a more traditional forum structure. Research, countless hours in iteration, and ingenuity have lead us to create a product that has all the benefits of a social platform but never compromising the needs of small communities.

In reality, there are many types of users that all engage with a community in different ways. Feeds enables communities to no longer funnel users into one core experience, the forum list. Instead each core utility such as hot (curated), threads, latest activity, questions, and more have their own dedicated space within the community. Along with a curated feed, users are able to filter content based on which forum, who they follow, forums they watch, and more to deliver a truly curated feed.

To learn more about Feeds, we outlined what it includes and why we approached it the way we did here.
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