Premium MC Setups #1 ✔️ BEST ⚡ LOBBY SETUP ⚡ 1.8-1.14 ⚡ SELECTOR ⚡ GADGETS ⚡ PARKOUR ⚡ TREASURES ⚡ HIGH QUALITY ⚡ V1.3 1.3


Do you want a highly optimized Lobby Setup at a decent price?

Well you just found it, this is the best lobby setup on the market with a lot of features that comes at a cheap price.

When you buy this setup, you can instantly download and start to use it.





Before you purchase it you can test it live on the test server.

This test server contains 1GB Ram.



Server Software: Spigot 1.8.8.

Players can connect to the server using versions 1.8x,1.9x,1.10x,1.11x,1.12x, 1.13.x and 1.14.x


This Lobby Setup is the best deal

on mc-market at the moment.

What makes it the best are the following:

▪ This setup is compatible with the following versions:


▪ Easy to use

▪ Lagg-Free

▪ 100% Customizable

▪ Join Items

▪ Scoreboard

▪ Server/Gamemode Selector with 5+ gamemodes descriptions

▪ Lobby Selector

▪ Speed Effect

▪ Gadgets Menu that contains the following:

- Hats

- AnimatedHats

- Particles

- Suits

- Gadgets

- Pets

- Miniaturepets

- Morphs

- Banners

- Emotes

- Cloaks

▪ Parkour setup with rewards at the end

▪ NPC'S setup + Holograms

▪ Ban/Mute/Kick/Warn System

▪ BossBar at the top of the screen

▪ Anti-Swear system that blocks bad words

▪ Register/Login System for cracked server

▪ Block particles for a better look

▪ Daily rewards for 14 days straight with different prizes

▪ DoubleJump

▪ Treasure Heads

- Find all the treasure heads to receive rewards

▪ Music Menu System

▪ Player Hide System

▪ ChatColor Menu, where you can buy chat colors

▪ Custom Currency which you can buy different permission,dust or ranks

▪ Profile Menu

▪ TabList

▪ Join Motd & ServerList Motd

▪ Command Blocker for Op commands like /pl,/op

▪ Good-Looking map

▪ Donor Ranks:

- Premium

- Elite

- Titan

- Mythic

- Legendary

[ Custom permission for each rank ]

▪ Staff Ranks:

- Helper

- Moderator

- Admin

- Operator

- Owner

[ Custom permission for each rank ]

▪ High-Quality Setup.


➲ Custom Build: Amazing looking build that will impress your players

➲ BossBar A information bar that will appear at the top of your screen

➲ AntiSwear A system that will block all the bad words

➲ Register/Login System This can be used for cracked servers

➲ ChatColor Menu From here you can buy and use different chat color for chat

➲ CommandBlocker A system that will block the use of op commands like /pl, /op.

➲ Gadgets Menu A variety of gadgets,cloaks,emotes,banners & more that players can have fun with

➲ Hide Players A system that will vanish players for better fps

➲ Join Items All items that you will receive when you join the server

➲ Lobby Menu A menu where you can choose & connect to your desired lobby.

➲ Mistery Vault Open mistery vault to receive gadgets,cloaks,morphs & more. You will need mistery dust to open it.

➲ Join Motd When you join the server an info motd will appear in the chat

➲ Music Menu Select your desired track that you want to listen


➲ Parkour A parkour system that has a reward at the end of it

➲ Profile A system where players can set more info in a GUI Menu about themselfes. /profile <player>

➲ Ranks 10 Pre-configured ranks:

1 Default Rank

5 Donor Ranks

5 Staff Ranks

➲ Rewards A rewards system for 14 days ( will reset after 14 days) with different rewards for each day

➲ Scoreboard Information scoreboard at the right of the screen

➲ Ban/Kick/Mute/Warn Security System

➲ ServerList MOTD You will see this motd in the minecraft ServerList

➲ Gamemode/Modality Selector Menu where you can select your desired gamemode/modality which to connect.

➲ TabList

➲ Tokens Custom Currency A custom currency, with it you can buy mistery dust, permission, ranks & more

➲ Treasures Treasures Heads that will give you different rewards when you claim them.


➲ AutoBroadcast Informative announcements that will appear in a certain amount of time.

➲ Custom /msg Custom styled /msg & /r.


1.Download the setup.

2.Extract and select it.

3.Copy the setup on your host.

4.Start the server.

5.Enjoy the Setup!


In order to use this setup properly, you need to have these plugins installed on your server:

▶ FeatherBoard [PREMIUM]


▶ LiteBans [PREMIUM]


▶ AirBar [PREMIUM] (Optional)


▶ AuthMe [FREE] (Optional only for cracked servers)


▶ Citizens [FREE]



If you need support please contact me on Discord on the following id:


By buying this resource you accept this terms and conditions:

  1. You are not allowed to share, redistribute or resell this resource.
  2. You may only use this setup on your server, giving it to other servers isn't allowed.
  3. All purchases are final and no refunds will be given.
  4. Chargebacks/disputes will result in losing access to the setup and future updates of it.
  5. The service that comes with this setup is my choice, I am allowed to choose whether or not to give my services to a buyer based on the way they treat me.
  6. I am allowed to ignore service if (you) waste my time, be extremely rude, or give me a difficult time.
  7. If you violate any of these setup terms, I may remove you from the buyers list.

These terms and conditions can change at any time
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