(1.14.4 Ready) ►►► HyperDrive ►►► | Advanced Teleportation Plugin ►►►

Free MC Plugin (1.14.4 Ready) ►►► HyperDrive ►►► | Advanced Teleportation Plugin ►►► 5.4.6
A high class warp plugin allowing you and your players to warp through space and time w/High control

Native Minecraft Version:1.14Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
Source Code:https://github.com/XZot1K/HyperDriveContributors:XZot1KDonation Link:http://paypal.me/zotdev
I want to start off by saying thank you to all those who have purchased the plugin and have patiently waited for HyperDrive 5.0. You guys are awesome and I appreciate the support. I hope everyone enjoys the plugin! Also, many thanks to @Sikatsu he helped test a lot of the features and even made some major suggestions to make the plugin better! You can find his server below if you are curious to see the plugin in action:



► What is HyperDrive? ►

HyperDrive is an advanced teleportation-based plugin that provides the capabilities of standard teleportation and a unique, yet, powerful warping system. HyperDrive has many "Under The Hood" features that other teleportation plugins don't have. Some of these under the hood features include algorithm usage, global tasks instead of individual, and even warp registry meaning that your warps will load once and save once. The plugin is optimized from the bottom up to guarantee optimal performance!


Curious about a feature or how something may work? Check the developer notes wiki as it may already have an in-depth description. You can find this page here.

What are the highlighted features of HyperDrive?

Though HyperDrive is rich with features, the prime highlights are its advanced random teleportation system with the all-new Smart Bounds feature, Quick-Sort algorithm usage for all menu paging systems, and Cross-Server teleportation without the need of a BungeeCord plugin.
  • Smart Bounds is a new system used for random teleportation that essential decreases the overall radius until the center location is reached. This feature is used to find a safe location with or without hooks faster and guarantee a safe location with the capability to ignore loading or generating new chunks.
  • Cross-Server teleportation currently is only available for warping and coordinate teleportation. More will be coming, but HyperDrive's cross-server teleportation is done without the use of a BungeeCord plugin.
  • Quick-Sort algorithm usage is simply a lightning fast sorting method to get to sort a list of objects and provide the end result as fast as possible.
Below are all of HyperDrives's key features:
  • Fully Customizable GUIs
  • Warp Conversion System (From HyperDrive 4.x and Essentials)
  • Customizable Particle Teleportation Animation Sets
  • Quick-Sort Algorithm Filtering and Paging Systems (This provides HyperDrive with hasty load times, faster navigation, and much more!)
  • Standalone Teleportation Commands (/tpa, /tp, and more)
  • Group Teleportation (Player Head Selection GUIs)
  • Cross-Server Teleportation (Warps are fully cross-server alongside the /crossserver command, done using BungeeCord and MySQL)
  • MySQL and FlatFile Storage Support
  • Advanced Random Teleportation System (Using the all-new Smart-Bounds system)
  • A Wide Variety of Hook Support (WorldGuard 6 & 7, Factions, FactionsUUID, ASkyBlock, and more)
  • A Powerful API (Providing capabilities for almost anything)
  • Warp Administration & Ownership (Players can have their own warps with restrictions)
  • Full Warp Customization (Warp GUI Icons can be modified and edited to any player's desires)
  • Sign Manipulation (Group Warp Signs, Random Teleportation Signs, etc.)
  • Auto Configuration Updater (HyperDrive watches your config and updates it if new feature and options are added, removed, changed, etc.)
  • Featuring System - Warps can gain featured based on the number of visits they have above a threshold.
  • Like & Dislike Ratings - players are able like and dislike warps to affect their sorting style in the warp list menu!
Below is a small representation of what the new and improved default animation looks like!


Below is a small representation of what HyperDrive's fully customizable GUI menus look like by default!

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